What to Expect at a Medical Camp?

What to Expect at a Medical Camp?

What to Expect at a Medical Camp?


What to Expect at a Medical Camp, Modern-day world is riddled with misery. The most heart-wrenching tragedies stem from the healthcare sector. Poverty results in a lack of access to even basic healthcare facilities. Many governments all across the world are trying very hard to alleviate the health-related sufferings of the underprivileged. However, the current state of affairs demands a collaborative effort. And one of the ways by which nonprofits share the burden is by organizing medical camps.

The philosophy behind medical camps

Medical camps are usually conducted to increase the underprivileged community’s access to the basic healthcare facility. The mobile nature of medical camps makes them quite effective. Usually, moral and ethical obligations compel NGOs and trusts to organize such medical camps, free of cost.

What to expect from a medical camp?

So, if one was to visit a medical camp, what could he or she expect there? Plenty. In today’s discussion, we try to explore the medical camps in detail. Let us have a look at the facilities, usually provided free of cost at a medical camp.

Free Tests

What to Expect at a Medical Camp, Medical tests usually cost a fortune. For a person, who struggles to make both ends meet, such tests are heavy on the pocket. However, medical camps usually provide free tests for the poor. These tests are various. The most common kind of test is blood-related tests. Apart from these, tests for diabetes, kidney function, and other various disorders are also conducted at a medical camp. Quality medical camps ensure that these tests are conducted strictly in compliance with standard procedures.

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Medicine supplies

There are life-saving drugs and then there are medicines used in daily routine. While you might not find the first category abundantly at a free medical camp, there is no shortage of the latter. These medicines are used in alleviating pain caused by minor disorders. These include medicine for headache, body pain, infections, diarrhea, and certain others. The healthcare staff at a good medical camp always tries to ensure that the visiting patient follows a schedule. If inappropriate medicines are taken at inappropriate times, that can lead to severe complications. Some medical camps are disease-specific, hence medicines related to that disorder only are available at such camps.

Awareness lectures

There is a difference between a hospital and a medical camp. They do much more than drug prescriptions. Awareness is a key element of the healthcare hierarchy. Consider a commune where there was an outbreak of hepatitis. Now, the poor folks might simply not be aware of the hygiene practices that must be followed to counter hepatitis. A medical camp set up in an area like this must not restrict itself to drug distribution and prescription. Rather, its role must be educative. It must raise awareness about hepatitis among the poor by the use of effective tools. A medical camp can raise disease-specific awareness or general awareness as well.


One of the major issues faced in solving the poverty-healthcare conundrum is lack of counseling. Now, counseling at an individual level is very important. Individuals from the poor section of society do not have access to even medicine of routine. Counseling for them is like a big dream. But medical camps offer these counseling services as well. One can always avail of these, free of cost. Usually, counseling of this nature is disease or disability-specific. Some medical camps usually go one step further and enlighten the youth about issues that are considered taboo in their households. For example, issues faced by girls when they reach puberty.


Apart from these, there is an abundance of analgesics and ointments. Usually, if a more critical case pops up, a quality medical camp has surgical facilities available as well. But more than materialistic stuff, it is the quality of healthcare staff that matters the most. Only a competent healthcare team can set up a world-class medical camp, free for the poor.


Well, that’s all from this discussion. These camps are life saviors. Had it not been for these free medical camps, many from the poorer section of society would still have been suffering. Our support, whether moral or financial, is only going to encourage more such activities in the society. Which, folks, is the need of the hour!

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