10 Great Charities for Women and Children in the UK

10 Great Charities for Women and Children in the UK

Charities for Women and Children in the UK


Women and children are perhaps, the most vulnerable sections of society. Children cannot take care of themselves, especially the ones who have been deprived of their families. As for women, well, it is just sad. It is the 21st century and yet, women face oppression of worst sort everywhere in the world. The UK is no novice to these tragedies. However, kids and women are saved in Britain, compliments of the charities for women and children in the UK. In this discussion, we are going to look at ten such great institutes, which have played their part magnificently in the battle of rights for women and children.

1-The Children’s Society

Giving money is just one aspect of helping someone. There are many other ways to help someone. In the case of children, these matter more. Listening to those who are scared and unloved is a noble deed, something that The Children’s Society promises to do in its mission statement. This society is all about listening, supporting, and acting for the kids.

2- The Fawcett society

This is the UK’s leading charity for women’s rights. Society is a champion of gender quality in the UK, its major struggles related to fights for equal pays for both men and women in the country. Oh, and 150 years of service would mean that it is quite credible, will not it?

3- Save the Children

This global organization serves the children in the UK as well. There are many projects and programs, with the help of which, this organization aims to save children from harm. Not only that, but the charity plays a great role in the health and education of underprivileged children as well.

4- Women in Sport

Women in sport is a charity that aims at increasing the participation of women in sports in Britain. This cause serves many purposes. It aims at improving the health status of women in the UK, as well as their visibility in the UK’s athlete landscape.

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5- Action for Children

This wonderful organization vows to protect children from emotional and physical harm in the UK. Action for children is providing its services in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The organization firmly believes in values like passion, ambition, collaboration, and inclusion. There are many campaigns initiated by this organization, all of which vow to improve the life standard of youth in the UK.

6- Women’s Aid

Domestic abuse is a curse, many charities for women and children in the UK are trying to fight it with their limited resources. Women’s Aid is one such society, which provides refuge to domestically abused women. It also works for preventing child death that results from domestic abuse.

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The UNICEF children chapter is concerned with the welfare and wellbeing of children, all across the globe. UK children are not exempt from these wonderful services either. The areas on which this organization focuses more are improving hygiene, nutrition, and water provision for the children.

8- Helen Bamber Foundation

This is a UK based organization, which concerns itself with taking care of victims of war. Not only that, but its span of services also extends to the women and children who have been tortured and trafficked as well. The services provided are of medicinal, legal, and supportive nature.

9- Smart Works

Economic independence is one of the best gifts that you can offer anyone. Cash is temporary relief but is someone can earn from a job, it is going to help them for a long time. Smart Works provides sustainable earning opportunities to more than 2000 low-income women in the UK.

10- Marie Stopes

It is the 21st century, but the ignorance about the reproductive rights of women is astonishingly disgusting. However, thanks to organizations like Marie Stopes, reproductive health services are made available to many women in the UK. These health services include sexual screening, contraceptives, abortive care, and advice in general.


Even though this list could go on for many pages, we have to conclude. The limitations of time and space force us to wrap up this discussion here. If you have caught the giving, bug, and are looking for charities for women and children in the UK to support, well now you know where to donate! 

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