10 Ways to Help Flood Victims in Pakistan with Food and Medical Care

10 Ways to Help Flood Victims in Pakistan with Food and Medical Care

Help Flood Victims in Pakistan

The recent floods in Pakistan have swept away hundreds of thousands of homes, claimed more than 1500 lives, and destroyed crops and infrastructure. A total of 33 million people have been affected. Climate change and rising global temperatures are causing new, extreme weather events. Flooding is becoming more common, and climate scientists predict it will grow even more intense as the world warms. Flood Victims are looking for urgent medical care, food, and shelter. Transparent Hands is providing free healthcare services and food to the people affected by the floods all over Sindh, KPK, and South Punjab. If you’re trying to figure out how you can play a part in helping flood victims, this article can prove to be useful. 

There is an immediate need for food, clean drinking water, and shelter.

Food supplies have become scarce since roads and access points are inundated and crops are submerged under several feet of water. To prevent water-borne diseases from spreading, adequate clean drinking water and sanitation are urgently needed. Vector-borne diseases such as dengue and malaria are expected to become more prevalent. Transparent Hands is distributing food packs among tens of thousands of affectees to help them survive. 

We need to address water-borne diseases   

Diseases like diarrhea, skin infections, cholera, dengue, malaria, and hepatitis are being reported from the flood-affected areas. The continued presence of stagnant water is expected to increase the number of patients. Transparent Hands is arranging free medical camps and preventive healthcare sessions to help flood victims in Pakistan. The patients at our flood relief camps are receiving first aid, consultations, diagnostic tests, and life-saving medicines free of charge.  

10 Ways to Help Flood Victims in Pakistan

While many humanitarian groups and charitable organizations are helping the flood affectees, we must also play our part as individuals to support their efforts.

Here are some ways to help flood victims in Pakistan.

Make Donations For Flood Victims

Since it is not possible for a lot of us to physically go to the flood-affected areas, we can donate to charitable organizations that have the resources and expertise to do so. Donations can be made to reputable NGOs like Transparent Hands. 

Donate Goods to Flood Victims

Non-perishable food items and bottled water can be donated. Other essentials may include first aid kits, tents, mosquito nets, soaps, clothes, and hygiene products.

Donate blood to Flood Victims

Some of the flood victims have sustained injuries and may require blood. You can consider donating blood for such affectees.

Volunteer For Flood Relief Program

You can join hands with a charitable organization as a volunteer to help flood victims. The affectees will be needing the services of healthcare professionals, construction workers, and educators to recover from the devastation caused by the floods.

Volunteer even if you cannot go to the affected areas

Volunteering is a powerful way to help even if you cannot be there on the ground. Reach out to charitable organizations that are helping flooding victims to see if they need help with raising funds, packing supplies, etc. 

Provide Shelter

Many flood-affected families are sitting on roadsides without shelter. You can help them with temporary forms of shelter like tents and tarps. 

Donate Essentials and Supplies

A large number of flood victims in Pakistan had to flee their homes to escape floodwaters. They have to leave their possessions behind. They don’t have essentials like clothes, soap, food, and cleaning drinking water. Since many of them have lost their livelihood, they cannot buy new supplies till they recover. Consider donating such items or reaching out to charitable organizations that are providing the affectees with these supplies. 

Help with the cleaning 

Floods cause a lot of damage. They destroy homes and everything else in their path. A large number of flood affectees have been displaced. When they return, there may not be much left to recover. They will need a hand to clear the remaining bits and pieces of their possessions before they can start rebuilding their homes. You can volunteer to help them. 

Transport the flood relief supplies

It is challenging to reach flood-affected areas when the roads or damaged or inundated, which is why many donors opt to help flood victims through charitable organizations instead of going there themselves. However, you can consider transporting the relief goods to help those affectees if you have the means, resources, and expertise to do so. Some of the relief goods you can consider sending include:

  • Medicines
  • Medical equipment
  • First aid kits
  • Non-perishable food items
  • Cleaning drinking water
  • Generators
  • Heavy machinery and equipment
  • Materials for construction

Help Flood Victims in Pakistan

Plan a fundraiser

Organizing a fundraiser is a great way to collect donations from your friends, family, colleagues, and the local community. Whether you do it alone or in collaboration with your children’s school or community association, you can send these donations to flood victims through reliable NGOs like Transparent hands. 

Charitable organizations like Transparent Hands are providing donors with convenient and impactful ways to help flood victims. Transparent Hands’ online crowdfunding platform makes it possible to donate via multiple easy online giving payment modes. Our teams are currently on the ground to provide medical treatments and hand out food packs to tens of thousands of flood victims. 

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