5 Most Common Medical Procedures Performed in Pakistan

5 Most Common Medical Procedures Performed in Pakistan

Common Medical Procedures Performed in Pakistan


Pakistan is one of those countries where healthcare systems still need a lot of improvement. A lot needs to be done to update the current status of healthcare facilities in Pakistan. Efforts in this regard cannot be made without background knowledge of common medical procedures performed in Pakistan. In this discussion, we are going to look at these common medical procedures, so that it might serve as the first step in improving healthcare facilities in Pakistan. Remember that only by identifying the key medical services in the country, one can strive to revolutionize the healthcare setup in the country.

So without further ado, let us begin our discussion and have a look at five common medical procedures performed in Pakistan.

1- Appendectomy

Simply put, an appendectomy is the removal of the appendix. Now, you might ask, why the appendix needs to be removed in the first place. Well, this tubular structure can become inflamed and cause severe pain. The medical term for this condition is appendicitis. The reasons for appendix inflammation can be numerous, most common one being infection. According to a study, 400 out of 1000 post-adolescent individuals undergo the appendectomy. One can see why this surgical procedure is one of the most common medical procedures performed in the country.

2- Cesarean Section

This surgical procedure is more commonly known as C-section. So, what happens in C-section? To deliver a baby, an incision is made through the mother’s abdomen and uterus. Sometimes, a physician feels that vaginal delivery is likely to create complications. Hence, in such a situation, C-section is a common medical procedure performed. This procedure is opted to ensure the safe delivery of the baby. In Pakistan, this surgical operation is performed quite frequently. Per 100,000 operations performed, nearly 10 operations are of C-section. Authorities have to pay more attention to this common medical procedure in Pakistan to ensure the safety of both mother and baby.

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Distended veins in the rectum or anus portion constitute hemorrhoids. You will be amazed to know this but hemorrhoidectomy is one of the major surgical operations performed worldwide. Pakistan is no different, where hygiene malpractices simply complicate the issue. Despite being a common medical procedure performed in the country, hemorrhoidectomy needs attention. One feels that utmost attention must be given to the disinfection of equipment and tools used in this procedure.

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Ever heard about gallstones? Yes, those are the ones we remove in this medical procedure. But unfortunately, it is just not the stones which have to go. Rather, the gallbladder itself needs to be removed. This is yet another common medical procedure that is performed quite frequently in the country. The medical term used for this operation is cholecystectomy. You must know that the gall bladder is a pear-shaped sac located near the liver. It retains bile and bile salts, which can sometimes lead to the formation of gall stones. Pakistan has some world-class facilities to treat gallstones. However, due to the population burden, more efforts are needed in this regard.

5- Debridement

Nearly 4.2 operations per 100,000 overall medical surgeries in Pakistan are related to abscess removal. Debridement is the broader term used for such medical procedures that involve removing dead or damaged tissue. Once the damaged tissues or the pus itself is removed, wounds or infectious sites can heal quicker. One doesn’t need stats to prove that this is one of the common medical procedures performed in Pakistan. Have a look in your immediate neighborhood, you will find plenty of such instances!

Some other common medical procedures performed in Pakistan

Apart from these, there are other medical procedures performed in the country as well. These include carotid surgeries, cataract surgeries, back pain surgeries, and hernia repair surgeries. For a country with a population of nearly 200 million people, one can expect diversity in common medical procedures performed in the country.


Well, that is all from this discussion. Hopefully, the concerned authorities will take more steps to improve the healthcare setup in Pakistan. Medical procedures are often performed with a lot of malpractices involved. If authorities focus on improving the quality of common medical procedures, one can hope for an improved state of affairs in Pakistan.

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