AmazonSmile and TransparentHands – Way of Saving Lives

AmazonSmile and TransparentHands – Way of Saving Lives

AmazonSmile and TransparentHands - Way of Saving Lives

We ask you as a donor to let down some great areas, give an interest-free loan to a person to get out of poverty or to give a cow to any poor family, this Christmas, and give to charities that are not that good in storytelling.

Why would we do so?

The reason is that most of the stories told are actually just stories. But if you are giving to a big charity like Transparent Hands, you really bring a change to human life. Finding such charities it not an easy task to deal with. Yet it is a must before making any donation. While making a donation, finding the right charity is the most important and energy-consuming stage. Here today we are blogging about understanding the phenomenon of what is known as the essence of any charity “Save Life.”

AmazonSmile and TransparentHands – Way of Saving Lives

What is meant by Saving Life?

It is obvious to find the words in the core of any charity or fundraising activity, performed anywhere in the world. But important is what does it mean by saving a life? Here we will elaborate the phenomenon and meaning behind it.

  • At first, your gift is not LITERARY saving someone’s life; instead, it will help the charity organization that all the considered things have an overall impact on what it spends.
  • If you really want to know what your donated dollars are actually doing; they are probably sitting in the reserves to make sure about the financial stability for future use.
  • It is also possible that the money we wasted and the organization you gave your donation had failed to fulfill the stated project.
  • Even if any charity gets successful it is also likely that the donation won’t make any ultimate results and do anything very different.

In simple words, it takes a lot of analytical skills and thinking to understand how your donation is making a difference. However, five fingers are not the same. With the passage of time, there are many advancements seen by security agencies in around the globe. These agencies have performed a proper check on the charity and fundraising organizations. At the same time, the donors are more demanding about the details of the expense that are made from their donated amount. AmazonSmile and TransparentHands – Way of Saving Lives.

Transparency has been the major demand of donors this day and they are going to organizations that are offering a transparent and in detail brief of the money they spend.  One of the prominent joint ventures has opened its doors at your fingertips. The AmazonSmile and Transparent Hands have joined hands and are now a way of saving precious lives.  The organization’s transparent hand is helping needy poor people to pay their medical bills for surgeries. Amazon now has it in its list of authenticated charity organizations where it can offer the buyer to make a 0.5% of their purchase as a donation to the charity to make a real difference in saving alive.

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AmazonSmile and TransparentHands Working Together for Charity

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