AmazonSmile and TransparentHands Working Together for Charity

AmazonSmile and TransparentHands Working Together for Charity

AmazonSmile and TransparentHands Working Together for Charity

Now you can shop at AmazonSmile and Amazon will donate to Transparent Hands to make your money pay medical bills of poor on your behalf.

Now you can shop and save the sick people by helping them in paying their medical surgery bills, this Christmas holiday. It’s been long; Amazon is one of the widely used websites for online shopping and is providing services all over the world. It had come up with a number of services and offers for the people to join hands in working on things that can help others in any possible way.

Active since 2013, the Amazonsmile is another big project of the online retail king. With this project, the customers are not able to donate about 0.5% of their every purchase to the charity of their own choice. With millions of non-profit organizations, the company is now working jointly to save lives and give people a better chance to live, around the globe. And all of this is made possible by offering the same level of the online shopping experience at a new URL of

AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of your purchase to your favourite charity

The time is about to come to shop Christmas gifts for your loved one, friend and family, shopping from Amazonsmile will enable you to give back at the same time. By deigning so you will be having a blessed time with your family and will be saving a life at any other part of the world.

How Does AmazonSmile Works??

Visit the Link This is the first step, you will only need to change the link, and rest of the shopping experience is same as that of the previous you deal with while shopping from Amazon.

Signing In & Searching Organization:

You can see a different user interface, based on if you have signed into the Amazon account or not. When you are signed into the Amazon account, you can go to the search bar and find the charities list. If you are not signed in, add your singing details and logging to your account first.

Selecting the Organization

There you will find the Transparent Hands by typing the name in the search bar. Select the organization name and move to next step. There are chances you will find many other organizations in the search list; you can proceed by selecting the one you are willing to donate to.

Start Your Shopping:

By selecting a charity you are all done with the charity related working and now is the time to start with your gift check list. You can now easily proceed to shop like you used to do it in the past. You can go to the desired category and look, book and your required products or the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Most of the products are eligible for AmazonSmile and if not, you will be notified.

Checking Out:

Then checking out and finalizing your shopping is also the same as you use to do in the past. When you are done with shopping, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your paid amount to the Transparent Hands Foundation. 

Why not share this amazing idea with your friends? You are just done with your shopping on the world’ greatest online store and have made a donation at the same time, you can share the exciting news and experience with your friends and family on social media, Facebook or on Instagram and provoke others to help save lives.

Once you are done with the shopping you will get an automated pop-up notification to do the social media sharing, if you want to share you can, if not then simply exit.

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