Asians Who Give the Most to Charities

Asians Who Give the Most to Charities

Asians Who Give the Most to Charities


Comparisons and rankings have become the most instrumental tools for categorizing things. For almost every aspect of life, whether it is quantitative or qualitative, there exists some sort of index. As the concept of charity evolved over the last few years or so, organizations started keeping a track of donations. The accumulation of data led to the establishment of comprehensive databases that give us a clue about the most charitable countries and individuals all across the world. One fine example that can be mentioned here is the World Giving Index. However, it is not the countries that concern us, about this discussion. What we are going to do is discuss some philanthropists who have broken some charity records! In this article, we look at Asians who give the most to charities, specifically.

1- Azim Premji

In the year 2019, the world saw Azim Premji smash some records as the philanthropist donated a little over seven and a half billion dollars shares to the education industry. The Indian business tycoon has proved his dominance in the world of charity. The stats that reflect Premji’s giving attitude are too tremendous to be ignored. Already, the nobleman has donated almost 21 billion dollars in his life and we are pretty sure that he has some great things planned for the future as well. As mentioned earlier, a large portion of these donations is directed toward the promotion of education in India.

2- Theodore Rachmat

The next name in this honourable list is that of Theodore Rachmat. An Indonesian agribusiness tycoon, Rachmat runs a foundation as well. In the period 2018-19, Rachmat donated almost 5 million dollars to his foundation. The foundation is concerned with social welfare projects such as managing orphanages. Not only that, several projects related to education and healthcare are also on the resume of this prestigious foundation. For the last two decades, Rachmat scholarships have ensured that many students from underprivileged families went on to materialize their educational dreams.

3- Jeffery Cheah

The next time you see a scholarship program inviting students to pursue their educational dreams in Malaysia, the name of Jeffery Cheah might spring up to your mind automatically. The reason Jeffery Cheah is mentioned here is that the founder of the Sunway group has already donated almost 40 million dollars to the cause of education in the beautiful country of Malaysia. The main focus of Cheah’s foundation is on primary education in the country. Oh, and just so you know, the Sunway Education Group has a value of nearly 250 million dollars!

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4- Jack Ma

Say China, say Jack Ma! The richest man in the country is also a big-hearted philanthropist. The main areas on which Jack Ma has focused in the past and wants to continue focusing on in the future include education and the environment. Anyone can realize the importance of these two fields, it is because of people like Ma that we have hope for the future. CSR is a major thing these days, and Jack Ma’s company wasn’t going to be left behind in the race, was it? The major focus in this domain is on entrepreneurial programs and training.

5- Angel Locsin

Let’s move to the beautiful islands of the Philippines and have a look at the admirable work of Angel Locsin. We know some of you are already shouting Hey it is that actress from One More Try! Yes, you guessed it, right folks. But we hate the fact that this is the side Angel Locsin has been famous for the last 15 years or so. If you must know, she has donated more than 15 million pesos in the last ten years or so. Now that is something we would love you to remember Locsin by, the next time you see her name in the press! 

Conclusion – Asians Who Give the Most to Charities

Well, that will be all from this discussion. The list is a long one when it comes to Asians who give the most to charities. Sadly, what we have is limited time and space, and that is all we could fit into this debate. One thing that we must add before we bid you farewell is that when it comes down to charity, amounts don’t matter. All that matters are your intentions! 

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