Best Donation Platforms For Muslims

Best Donation Platforms For Muslims

Best Donation Platforms for Muslims

While every religion encourages donations, Islam is the only one that has made it an obligation for its followers. God Almighty has promised rewards in this world and in the hereafter for those that give donations. Muslims donate millions of dollars in the form of Zakat and Sadqah to charitable organizations. Hardest part for the donors is to find an appropriate platform for their donations. So, let’s take a look at the best donation platforms for Muslims around the globe.

Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands was founded in 2014 with the vision to make health care accessible to deserving patients who can’t afford their treatments. The organization provides free surgical and medical care to economically disadvantaged patients. Since 2014, Transparent Hands has made a difference in the lives of over 40,000 patients. The organization also holds medical camps in remote areas of the country to offer basic medical care free of cost. It is one of few organizations that provides cochlear implant surgeries to the underprivileged.

We operate with complete transparency and provide information about each case on our website. Donors can select the patients that they deem fit for their donations. The website has classified cases based on urgency, types of surgery or procedure, and Zakat eligibility to help donors in the process. Right now, there’s a long list of patients awaiting life-saving surgeries.

Donating to Transparent Hands is very convenient. You can donate online from the comfort of your home.


LaunchGood is an international crowdfunding platform dedicated to help marginalized Muslims around the globe. It was launched in 2013 and became the largest donation platform for Muslims. The company is a recipient of AMCC Entrepreneur Showcase and Islamic Economy Award.

This platform can be used by Muslim around the world. Anyone with a functional internet connection can start a campaign. Users have to log into their account and enter all the required details. Cases are verified by the LaunchGood team and then made live on the website. Donors around the world can read about the causes and support them.

Millions of children around the world have been abandoned either due to death of parents or because of financial issues. These kids live hard and troublesome lives. Islam emphasizes that orphans should be given the support they need. Hence, Muslims around the world donate generously to the cause. LaunchGood has several campaigns dedicated to them. Some are raising funds for building orphanages while others are education funds for such children.

Besides these, LaunchGood has several campaigns dedicated to natural disasters and refugee support. Thousands of families depend on the organization for the supply of clean water, food, clothes, and a safe roof over their heads.

Global Sadaqah

Global Sadaqah is an international platform that helps Muslims around the world in multiple capacities. They operate in many countries, including Nigeria, Indonesia, Palestine, and Bangladesh, as well as other countries that are experiencing multiple crises. The organization provides food boxes, medical treatments, and clean water to deserving families.

Due to the pandemic, thousands of Muslim students are unable to pay their university fees. Global Sadaqah has a campaign dedicated to education aid. 

Furthermore, the operations of Global Sadaqah are overseen by a shariah team that includes clerics from multiple schools of thought. The team ensures donations are distributed as per Islamic principles. Hence, the campaigns that are eligible for Zakat are categorized separately.

Donate Sadaqah

Just Giving

Just Giving is an international fundraising program that offers its services free of cost. You can use this platform to either donate for a particular charity or start a new fundraising campaign on your own. The platform has millions of users which increases the reach of messages and helps charities get new donors.

The platform has enlisted a large number of charities with varying goals and objectives. Donors have the liberty to choose the charity that they deem fit for their donations. Organizations that are enlisted by Just Giving are all verified to ensure donations go to the right causes. Through this platform, you can choose to provide medical treatments, food, clothes, clean water, and tons of other things.   

Go Fund Me

Go Fund Me is one of the most trusted platforms when it comes to online donations. Thousands of campaigns are live on the websites to help people in different parts of the world. Any user with a functional internet connection can create a campaign and let others know about the problems. Donors around the world can see the campaigns. There are campaigns dedicated to help refugees, patients, students, and animals around the world. Each campaign is vetted to prevent scams and to ensure donations go to the right causes. Right now, it operates in 19 countries, mostly in Europe, but efforts are underway to expand their services to the rest of the world.

Bottom Line

Millions of individuals are starving and lack basic health care. You can help these people by contributing to these charitable organizations. So, please donate to make the lives of the underprivileged a little better.

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