Best Muslim Charities in the UK

Best Muslim Charities in the UK

Muslim Charities in the UK.

The UK is home to one of the largest Muslim communities in the region with a population of over two and a half million. Every year, they help the underprivileged with their Zakat, Sadaqah, and other donations. If you’re looking for Best Muslim Charities in the UK 2023 you can donate to, then consider some of the following charities. 

Transparent Hands

Many people in developing countries still do not have access to quality health care. A large number of people in Pakistan die due to treatable diseases. Many local hospitals are overburdened and there’s a long list of patients awaiting life-saving treatments.

Transparent Hands is working for this cause and has provided surgical and medical treatments to over 43,000 patients in Pakistan since the organization was founded in 2014. We provide these treatments free of charge to deserving patients. We also set up free medical camps in remote areas of the country. Transparent Hands is registered in the UK and US as well. You can give your Zakat, Sadaqah, and other donations to Transparent Hands through our online easy payment modes. 

Give Zakat Easily to Transparent Hands

Muslim Hands UK

Muslim Hands is an international NGO that was established amidst the crisis in Bosnia back in 1993. Since then, the organization has expanded its operation to 20 countries and taken up several causes. Muslim Hands is providing help to students in many developing countries. The organization also provides textbooks, furniture, and computers to make sure students have access to quality education.

Besides this, Muslim Hands also delivers humanitarian aid in war-affected countries. It provides meals, clothes, and clean water to families that are victims of wars. The organization has special campaigns dedicated to the crisis in Syria and Yemen. Furthermore, the NGO also takes care of thousands of orphans in different countries. It offers them education, meals, and accommodation.  

UK Islamic Mission

UK Islamic Mission is one of the oldest Muslim charities in the UK. It was founded back in 1962. The NGO focuses on a wide spectrum of causes and donors can support a cause that’s close to their hearts. Some of the causes they focus on include education, health care, and humanitarian emergencies.

The organization operates in multiple countries, including Sri Lanka, Yemen, Palestine, Bangladesh, and India. It mostly addresses the issues faced by Muslim communities in these regions. During the Pandemic, many developing countries experienced major healthcare crises. Islamic Mission set up a fund to help struggling hospitals. They provided them with medical supplies and medicines. The organization accepts Zakat and other donations. 

Islamic Relief UK

The organization collects Zakat, Sadaqah, and other donations to help Muslims around the world. The NGO offers free meals, education, and health care to the underprivileged. They also provide clean water in wartorn regions like Yemen and Syria. Drinking contaminated water can cause many sorts of life-threatening diseases. You can donate to build water treatment plants for vulnerable people. In addition, the organization takes care of orphans and distributes meat among deserving families.

Bottom Line – Best Muslim Charities in the UK 2023

You can use the information provided in this guide to make an informed decision. Choose a charitable organization that works for a cause that is close to your heart and donate generously.

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