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How Crowdfunding can help tackle poverty

How Crowdfunding can help tackle poverty

Now the question arises, can the Crowdfunding be useful in tackling the poverty in underprivileged societies? The answer might be YES. There are many NGOs who are serving the poor and deprived people in such areas through fundraising. There are various causes for which they are working including education, women empowerment, healthcare and infrastructure.

Transparent Hands introduced UBL Omni Dukaan service for donation

Transparent Hands has always been very active in its mission to treat the underprivileged people who are struggling with mild to serious diseases and need to undergo surgeries to get relief. Through its amazing Crowdfunding platform, Transparent Hands is able to treat more than 200 patients free of cost. Besides conducting surgeries,

Surprising causes of Depression

Depression is a medical condition which affects the way a person acts, feels or thinks. It often makes a person feel extremely sad, angry, disheartened and even unimportant. Depression also affects their daily activities; eating, working and sleeping. There are many reasons that can trigger depression such as trauma due to any uncertain incident, drug use, serious illness and others. Apart from these major causes of depression, there are some other surprising reasons that could trigger it.