Top 10 International NGOs in Asia

Top 10 International NGOs in Asia

International NGOs in Asia


Evers since World War II, the importance of international NGOs has increased many folds. Not only these organizations do a great social and welfare job, but international NGOs are also a source of trans-national or a global empathy bond. We take great pride in the fact that the world has become a global village. What we don’t realize that any town, village, society, or culture’s existence is meaningless if we aren’t able to feel the pain of others. Anyhow, coming back to the international NGOs or INGOs, these organizations are doing a wonderful job not only by relief and rescue services but by fighting for some other crucial causes as well. In this discussion, as we are going to talk about the top 10 international NGOs in Asia, you will see what crucial role these INGOs are playing in different countries in Asia!


Originally focused on development in Bangladesh, BRAC has slowly evolved into the world’s largest development organization. The main philosophy behind BRAC’s work is pretty simple to understand. Empowerment through sustainability is the only way of achieving economic independence for any man or woman living in the modern world. Hence, micro-financing projects are launched for this purpose, to support the common man.

2- Animals Asia

As we said, the scope of international NGOs in Asia is not limited to just the humanitarian work. Animal welfare and climate change are also some of the important problems that need to be addressed. Look at this INGO for example. Animals Asia strives hard to end the horrifying bear bile trade that goes on all the time in China & Vietnam.

3- EPCAT International

Child prostitution, trafficking children as sex workers are some of the major offenses that constitute sexual exploitation of kids in Asia. EPCAT international vows to prosecute those monsters who are involved in managing this heinous business.

4-HelpAge Asia Pacific

The rights of senior citizens in Asia are not as well protected as they are in the West. HelpAge Asia Pacific is one such organization that strives hard to ensure that the rights of senior citizens are well protected in Asia. This is important as the number of senior citizens in the continent is expected to increase by three folds in the years to come.

5- Pakistan Animal Welfare Society

The trend of web-based organizations is on a rise in Pakistan, Pakistan Animal Welfare Society is a prime example of this fact. Using its platform and social media, this NGO rescues and protects stray animals in Pakistan.

6- Plan Asia

Not many international NGOs can say this with pride that they planned for a brighter future of Asia, ages ago. But with 8 decades of work for social welfare on their portfolio, we think Plan Asia has the right to say this, especially when one looks at the work this organization has done in controlling child abuse or micro-financing and sustainability.

7- Snow Leopard Trust

The protection of endangered species from becoming extinct is one of how we can save the last decent bit of climate we are left with. The Snow Leopard Trust is currently working to save remaining snow leopards in countries like China, India, Pakistan, and Mongolia

8- UNDP Programs

UNDP stands for United Nation Development Program. These programs are launched mostly in third world countries and contribute to the social-economic welfare of people.

9- Wild Aid

The obsession of some people with artifacts, ointments, and certain other products obtained from wild animals is an ugly reality. It is disgusting really when someone goes like Oh, I must have a rhino horn! Wild Aid is an INGO that is trying to put an end to this sort of trade going on in many countries.

10- Transparent Hands

Crowdfunding is a super-easy way of raising funds and calling out for society’s help to help those who need financial assistance in their life. Transparent Hands is an NGO that collects donations for helping the underprivileged ones with their medical treatments and surgeries. Maximum transparency in its affairs makes Transparent Hands one of the most trustworthy crowdfunding organizations in the country. Donations are collected via the organization’s web portal.


Well, that will be all for now. Of course, a myriad of other international organizations is working in Asia as well. If this discussion augmented your interest in the topic, you should check out those INGOs as well.

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