Charities That Provide Free Eye Checkups in Pakistan

Charities That Provide Free Eye Checkups in Pakistan

One of the major issues faced by Pakistan is poverty. Most people in Pakistan (nearly 60%) live in villages. A study found that over the past ten years, the percentage of people living in poverty climbed from around 30 to 40 percent, which is quite alarming. Impoverished communities also lack access to healthcare facilities. Thousands of patients lose their lives because they cannot afford to pay for their treatments. Others lose their ability to work and take care of their basic tasks due to disabilities such as blindness. Many charities have stepped up to fill the gaps in Pakistan’s healthcare sector by providing healthcare services like free eye checkups. 

Charitable Organizations Providing Free Eye Checkups

Unfortunately, cataracts contribute to blindness in many underdeveloped nations, including Pakistan. The negligence in regular eye checkups is responsible for many cases of blindness. Therefore, we need more free medical camps where free eye checkups are provided to impoverished people. Many charitable organizations in Pakistan are working tirelessly to champion this cause. Here are some of the top nonprofits that provide free eye checkups: 


Transparent Hands: The largest online crowdfunding platform in Pakistan’s healthcare sector. This online giving platform is working to address a wide range of health problems faced by the country’s underprivileged communities. With the support of donors and sponsors from around the world, Transparent Hands arranges free surgical and medical treatments for deserving patients at private hospitals. The organization also provides free eye checkups at medical camps and free cataract surgeries.  


Al-Shifa Trust: Al-Shifa Trust was founded to control and prevent blindness by offering eye care services that are accessible and inexpensive to everyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, color, or religion. It focuses on hospital-based tertiary eye care services, community-focused programs to prevent blindness, need-based human resource development, and basic and applied ophthalmology research.


Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT): LRBT is dedicated to reducing suffering from blindness and other eye conditions. As part of its commitment to excellence, effectiveness, and compassion for all, the trust offers free, comprehensive eye care.


Zohra Foundation: The leading contributor to blindness in Pakistan is cataracts brought on by aging. The elderly living in poverty are more prone to developing this curable eye condition. The possibility of losing their vision worsens the situation for the elderly who also tend to face a variety of health issues. The good news is that many vision-related issues can be avoided or addressed. Zohra Foundation offers free eye camps all over Pakistan. Additionally, this organization provides free eye surgery and eyeglasses to address near and farsightedness.


Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust: Al-Mustafa Welfare Trust has spent more than 30 years helping the world’s poorest nations with life-saving humanitarian aid. They improve the lives of thousands of needy individuals every year. With a focus on healthcare and sight restoration, the organization is the first in Pakistan to organize free medical eye camps in underprivileged rural areas. More than 150,000 deserving people have received the gift of sight with their support in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

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