CSR Activities in Pakistan

CSR Activities in Pakistan

CSR Activities in Pakistan


Corporates’ social responsibility, or simply CSR, is a concept that encourages companies to integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations. The private sector of industry invests a lot in CSR these days, thanks to the high importance placed upon it by the customers.

Speaking from social and economic perspectives, Corporate Social Responsibility activities in Pakistan are pivotal to the turnaround that the country needs badly. The role of the corporate sector in alleviating the issues in Pakistan holds key importance. This is the prime reason why we have seen a recent surge in CSR activities in Pakistan.

Companies that lead CSR activities in Pakistan

Some of the local and international enterprises have realized their roles concerning CSR activities in Pakistan. Let’s have a look at how they are contributing to the cause, here in Pakistan.

1- Unilever’s role in CSR activities in Pakistan

One has to appreciate the efforts of Unilever Pakistan in this regard. Its Sustainable Living Plan outlines some key goals which are crucial to development in Pakistan. The environment is in focus majorly, as efforts are envisioned which will eventually reduce the carbon footprint in Pakistan. Known as talent hunters globally, Unilever’s employment policies constitute a major percentage of its CSR activities. However, Unilever is fully aware of the moral obligations associated with such policies. This is why we haven’t come across any cases where the corporation was accused of exploitation.

Although many remain unaware of this, Unilever is the key leader of many CSR activities in Pakistan. You might remember one such example from the advertisement called Madad aik Ibadat. A popular detergent company was the key partner in this initiative. This campaign, which still goes on as we speak, is a part of Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan. 

2- PTCL’s efforts to promote CSR activities in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited has also set certain goals concerning social and environmental issues in Pakistan. The much-famed telecommunication company actively participates in several CSR activities in Pakistan. The major focus at PTCL revolves around health, education, environment and community service projects.

The tree-plantation drives at PTCL reflect the efforts to preserve the environment. There are also programs for children, which aim at improving children’s character and making them responsible citizens. Human resource management at any company is indicative of how employees are treated there. The agreement which PTCL made with the Collective Bargaining Agent- CBA has benefitted its employees most fruitfully.

There are several other CSR activities in Pakistan in which PTCL engages actively. These include medical services for employees, blood donation drives, and post-retirement beneficial schemes.

3- How Coca-Cola highlighted the need for increased CSR activities in Pakistan

Bottle of change was a campaign that aimed at fundraising for Pakistan’s biggest social welfare service, The Edhi foundation. The brand leader for this mega CSR activity in Pakistan was Coca-Cola. The most amazing feature of this campaign was Coca-Cola’s paramount interest. The brand promised that it will double any donations it received during this fundraiser. Women Entrepreneurship Program, a gold winner at SABRE gold awards 2016, is another hallmark of Coca-Cola’s CSR activities.

These two fine examples show that Coca-Cola is a key leader in CSR activities in Pakistan. It will be wondrous if more companies could follow the suit!   

4- MCB’s major contributions in CSR activities in Pakistan

It would be unfair, not to mention the contributions of MCB in this regard. Several Corporate Social Responsibility activities in Pakistan wouldn’t have been possible, had it not been for MCB’s active participation. These activities target various aspects of governance, culture, sports, health, and education.

5- How Transparent Hands and CSR activities in Pakistan are related?

Transparent Hands is the largest technological platform for crowdfunding in the healthcare sector of Pakistan. It offers a complete range of free healthcare services including medical and surgical treatments, medical camps and telehealth facilities to the underprivileged community of Pakistan.

Speaking more specifically, Transparent Hands has launched various programs to achieve its goal. These include providing visibility to those who can’t afford it, free cochlear implant surgeries, and free medical surgeries. These activities are need of the hour and Transparent hands is glad that it is playing its role in promoting CSR culture in Pakistan.


The private sector, as a whole, must follow the commendable contributions made by the companies listed above. CSR policies must be made and implemented in this regard. Hopefully, the interest shown by these companies in CSR activities will be the beginning of a positive turnaround in the country!

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