Donate via Amazon Smile App to Transparent Hands Foundation

Donate via Amazon Smile App to Transparent Hands Foundation

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Online platforms Amazon Smile and Transparent Hands have transformed the landscape of charity. Underprivileged communities around the world are benefiting from this transformation. Take the example of the e-commerce giant Amazon, which has taken massive steps toward introducing socially conscious shopping into its ecosystem. The Amazon Smile app, which is the manifestation of this idea, is a brilliant initiative launched by Amazon. In this article, we will explore how you can use the Amazon Smile app to donate to the Transparent Hands Foundation.

AmazonSmile: An Overview

AmazonSmile is one of the leading initiatives in the world of socially conscious shopping. The brilliance of the platform lies in the fact that for every eligible purchase price (total cost of your shopping), 0.5 percent of that price will be donated to a charity of your choice. Now, you may think that AmazonSmile is just another charity program. But we will tell you why it is different. For one, neither you nor the chosen charity will be charged any hidden transaction fees. The donation money generated via the Amazon Smile app goes directly to your charity of choice.

Keep in mind that millions shop at Amazon daily. This means that the impact of this socially conscious shopping platform in the world of charity can be enormous. 

Of course, you still have to find the charity foundation whose work appeals the most to your heart. One such option for your consideration is the Transparent Hands Foundation.

What is AmazonSmile

Transparent Hands: The Healthcare NGO Pakistan Is Proud of!

Pakistan’s underprivileged communities face many massive challenges and a major one is accessing quality health care. Many die because they cannot afford to pay for their treatments. Foundations like Transparent Hands are bringing hope to millions. Transparent Hands is a charitable organization that provides free healthcare services such as free cochlear implant surgeries, medical procedures, health camps, and preventive healthcare sessions.

How to Donate to Transparent Hands

To continue this noble mission, Transparent Hands needs donations every month. Donors can donate to any campaign that appeals to them via Transparent Hands’ unique online crowdfunding platform. One hundred percent transparency is observed in this organization’s affairs. Donors can see where each and every penny of their donation is being used. Another way to donate to Transparent Hands Foundation is via the Amazon Smile app.

Use the AmazonSmile app to Donate to Transparent Hands Foundation!

The Amazon Smile app helps with generating donations for the Transparent Hands foundation. Amazon users can donate to Transparent Hands by following these steps:

1- Download the Amazon shopping app from the smartphone’s application store. Android users can download it from Google Play and Apple users can download it from the app store for iOS.

2- Have you joined AmazonSmile already? If yes, then please skip this step. If you haven’t, you must sign up at first. Please scroll down through the list of charities and select Transparent Hands. Once you have done that, AmazonSmile Foundation will start generating donations for Transparent Hands. There is no cost for joining the AmazonSmile platform.

3- Next, open the Amazon app and go to the settings in the main menu. Once you’re there, tap on AmazonSmile and follow the instructions on your screen to activate AmazonSmile on your device.

4- That’s it. Now, all you need to do is shop as much as possible to support those who need our help desperately in these challenging times. Remember, many among us don’t say it out loud but could do with a supporting shoulder. Transparent Hands reaches out to save the lives of the most deserving patients across Pakistan.

If you are blessed with the means to shop at e-commerce stores like Amazon, why not take this opportunity to help the underprivileged? It will not cost you anything extra. Initiatives like the Amazon Smile app prove that if the priorities are right, companies can easily give back to society. If you want to support a deserving patient’s treatment in Pakistan, consider selecting Transparent Hands while signing up for the Amazon Smile program. 

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