Effects Poverty Has on Healthcare

Effects Poverty Has on Healthcare

Effects Poverty Has on Healthcare


Effects Poverty Has on Healthcare refers to the organized provision of medical facilities to the subjects in a community or society. In financially stable countries, healthcare systems reflect a remarkable level of excellence. Basic health amenities are almost free, with medical services available all the time. This ultimately translates into the prosperity of a nation, which is reflected by the parameters like economic growth.

In the underdeveloped and third world countries, the situation is exactly the opposite. Here, the provision of free basic healthcare facilities is almost considered impossible. Many factors are influencing this wretched state of affairs, including negligence and administrative incompetence. However, without going into that detail, let’s try to understand the impact of poverty on healthcare. And that is exactly what we are going to do in this discussion!

Impact of poverty on healthcare

It is no brainer. In countries, where you have to pay for healthcare, you are likely to face financial pressures. Poor health status is one of the major reasons of poverty itself. But if you don’t have money for three meals a day, looking after health comes a long way after that. This is a trend that is followed by an individual, organization and even the government level. As a result, the overall healthcare system remains in a state of plight, courtesy poverty!

Understanding the link between poverty and healthcare

We have seen how poverty impacts healthcare. Let’s extend our efforts and try to understand how these two factors are complexly interlinked.

1- Information, money, and access to healthcare services are least observed in the underprivileged areas. This vividly portrays, the effect of not having money, which is the deficiency of basic healthcare services.

2- Poor people can’t see their kids going hungry for days. They sacrifice their health, to buy food for the family. Again, you can see, the intricate manner in which poverty and healthcare are related.

3- Education gets marginalized too, which is a pity. It is simply not a priority when you don’t have money to even buy food items. This means that you aren’t producing individuals who could contribute to the healthcare setup in the future e.g. doctors.

These are just some of how poverty and healthcare are intertwined. The overall impact of this link is quite devastating, to say the least.

 Diseases, poverty, and healthcare

Ask yourselves, where do the infectious diseases prevail the most? Of course, in the most underprivileged areas of any country. The reason for that is pretty simple to understand. Poverty deprives people of, even basic hygiene facilities. This results in the transmission of communicable diseases at a much faster rate. These diseases then affect individuals on a grand scale and create healthcare emergencies.

It is just not the communicable diseases that prosper due to a poor financial status. The non-communicable killers like heart, respiratory and maternal diseases are also related to a lack of monetary support. Millions of newborn children die every year, simply because of the lack of proper healthcare facilities!

Poverty and healthcare impact economic growth

It goes without saying that without improving the healthcare systems, one can’t hope to excel in the economic field. Better nutrition, clean water, and proper hygiene facilities are essential for the safe and sound development of body and mind. And if you don’t have able-bodied, intelligent individuals at your disposal, what hope have you got?

The global response

So, where does the global community stand in this situation? One has to be honest, the response was not as fast as one would have liked it to be. Poverty and healthcare are evils which demand our utmost attention. Governments, international organizations, and nonprofits all around the world are now doing their level best to minimize the effects. Nonprofits like Transparent Hands have a crucial role to play in this regard.

Transparent Hands is the biggest technological platform for crowdfunding. The major area it focusses on is the healthcare sector. Some of the healthcare services which this platform provides are quite astounding. These include medical, optical and surgical camps. Diagnostic tests, medicine, and consultation are provided to the underprivileged, absolutely free of cost. You can make donations via an online portal and track the status of your donations as well. The organization has 100 percent transparency rate, you can trust it with closed eyes!


The limitations of space and time force us to conclude our discussion here. This discussion served to illuminate the inextricable link between poverty and healthcare. The decline in the healthcare system will eventually result in a lowered overall health status. Governments and nonprofits must join their hands in this regard, to alleviate the sufferings of the poor! Donate Online 

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