Free Medical Camps for School Students in Rural Areas of Pakistan

Free Medical Camps for School Students in Rural Areas of Pakistan

Free Medical Camps for School Students in Rural Areas of Pakistan

Free medical camps primarily focus on providing basic healthcare to those who are deprived of their rights. Various reports and statistics suggest that the boons of development haven’t touched the lives of villagers yet, ultimately leading to health issues among the children. Free Medical Camps for School Students in Rural Areas of Pakistan.

Free medical camps organized in rural schools can play an important role in the health of students and the community. Good physical and mental health and good nutrition all impact how students learn. These camps basically concentrate on health-related issues for rural school going children.

Free medical camps can provide access to healthcare for these students who may not otherwise receive care. Rural students have to face a lot of hardships while accessing to healthcare services due to long distances to hospitals or clinics, lack of good transportation, work demands of students’ parents, poverty, and the cost of healthcare.

-> TransparentHands treated more than 9000 patients in Free Medical Camps

TransparentHands treated more than 3500 patients in Free Medical Camps

Free medical camps can diagnose and treat various diseases of these students which  prevent severe health issues in the future. Besides providing treatment and medicines to the children these camps can help them develop healthy habits. These camps can also provide   dental screenings, fluoride varnishes, dental sealants, and a variety of oral health education to students. 

Pakistan’s governments have always failed to secure maternal and child health in the country. Besides that some cultural factors have kept people blind for many years. Pakistani girls still receive fewer vaccinations than boys of the same age. Even though the latest statistics indicates in the improvement of the situation; much of the scenario hasn’t changed. This inequality is still strong in the society so young girls and women are more vulnerable to preventable illnesses

 In 2016, Dawn had reported about the child malnutrition and stunting issues of Pakistani children across the country. The report stated that though the proportion of children who were underweight had declined slowly in the country, one in three young children continue to have low weight for their age. The report also shed light to the grim reality. Eighty per cent of world’s 165 million stunted children live in just 14 countries, including Pakistan. About 9.6 million children are affected by it. Stunting takes a life time toll on cognitive ability, school performance and future earnings

The mobile nature of free medical camps can reach children in different areas of the country. Free medical camps are helping in reducing the gap between healthcare, affordability and accessibility. Similarly, these medical camps are equipped with technology to meet the needs as far as possible. Some medical camps strive hard to cover areas like Optometry, Dentistry and Primary healthcare.

To give care to the optometric patients often the camps try to utilize fully automated machines which do a complete eye exam within a few seconds, with minimal manipulation from the Optometrist. Usage of such upgraded technology reduces consultation time, removes obvious human errors and allow  more patients to be examined. Therefore, these camps ensure that the rural school children are able to receive both screenings and medical treatment at the same time.

The medical camps are also aware of keeping patient- doctor confidentiality, which make it absolutely safe to pay a visit for the students. Here the camps focus entirely on the patients, the state of their health at present and ways in which to improve and maintain their health in the long term. 

The world of healthcare is changing rapidly with the invention of technologies so it must change in the right way. The development of medical science and its goodness must reach every individual in the country irrespective of their age, cast, race, religion; status etc. Free medical camps are reaching thousands of people in the remote areas, providing them the essential health care they need.

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