How People Donated Charity on this Christmas 2018

How People Donated Charity on this Christmas 2018

The beauty of Christmas engulfs our heart and mind like no other season because it is the time when our soul is molded in the spark of delight and divinity. Unfortunately, only a few people can enjoy Christmas, because they have the luxury and wealth to do so. But not all are fortunate and How People Donated Charity on this Christmas 2018.

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We tend to take our blessings for granted. While our kids are frowning on a trivial matter like not getting an iPhone from their parents, there are millions of kids who cannot even complain, when they are starving for a day or two because their parents do not have the money to buy it for them.

When we are lamenting over the breakup with our significant other, there are millions of women stuck in the war-torn countries, who cannot even shed tears on the death of their demised husbands. They have no choice but to flee from one place to another in search of a safe shelter with their children without even knowing how they would make their ends meet.

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Download our TransparentHands Andriod Application for Online Donation



Ways  of Spending your Charity Donations:

During Christmas, charities raise money to fund projects on various social welfare categories. If you have donated to an organization working to alleviate poverty, some of your donations will be spent to provide emergency food, education, or giving vocational training while the rest will be spent to distribute gifts like clothes, toys, storybooks, and arranging feasts for the locals.

When you are donating to a humanitarian organization, your money will be spent on providing humanitarian aid to refugee families. If you have donated to a trust working to ensure healthcare, your donated money will be spent to assist with treatments and surgeries of poor patients.

Whatever amount you have donated to the charitable organization, almost 80% of it will directly go to the chosen project for social welfare, while the rest 20% will be spent to meet the fundraising and administration costs, salaries of the employees, etc.

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The act of charity or giving donations shouldn’t be considered as pity. Instead, it is your contribution to uplift some vulnerable lives. It is associated with social justice allowing people to live with dignity.

Happiness comes from the joy of good deeds and the zest of touching lives. We know that there are many people in our locality, who are incapable of celebrating Christmas, from those sleeping on the footpath with a hungry stomach to the elderly people living alone.

Summary of How People Donated Charity on this Christmas 2018.

Besides donating money to various charities, you can set out to volunteer in your neighborhood simply by distributing food or warm clothes among the poor. You can also involve your children in this virtuous service so that they too can learn the value of humanity and express it through concrete acts.

Money definitely has survival value, and your donation can help millions of people; to get rid of their suffering and pain. Your small donation can enable charities to distribute more food, clothes, school supplies, hygiene items, medicines, and other essentials among poor adults and kids so that they can enjoy this festive occasion.

Poverty is a big issue. We often get so lost in our own comforts that we forget to see the miseries of the poor. There is no holiness in celebrating Christmas or any other religious festival if we withdraw our hands from giving.

We haven’t lived a life truly until we haven’t uplifted someone from danger, fed a hungry stomach, clothed a bare body, healing a wounded soul, relieved the pain of a sick body, educated a child, or lit a ray of hope in the perished eyes. We will never know what true love really means until we don’t do something meaningful for others.  

Without human touch, empathy, and compassion the world would become a cold place to live in. The vicious cycle of poverty leaves deep scars on the heart of the impoverished.

Let us donate to deserving charities to bring life to those who are spiritually dead.

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