How to Spend Christmas Holidays

How to Spend Christmas Holidays

Christmas Holidays in 2023


In melancholic times like these, everyone is ready to grab any opportunity to be happy. And luckily, the biggest festivity of the year is yet to happen. Yes, we are talking about Christmas. There are still some weeks to go before Christmas 2023. If you are all excited about the Christmas holidays 2023, now is a great time to think about how you are going to spend them. Preparing is essential, else boredom will get you! 

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1-Decorate in style

Christmas without decorations makes no sense. Doing things differently can be a fun way of spending the Christmas holidays 2023. How about getting a live tree this year and decorating it with your family heirlooms? Or with miniature characters from your favorite comic or movie? We are just putting ideas in your head! 

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2-Make your home glow

This is a part of decorations that most people don’t pay a lot of attention to. Christmas lights can create a holy glow that will get you into proper Christmas spirit. Figure out how you are going to thread lights all over at your house. Being a little artistic wouldn’t hurt! 

3-Put out some plants

If your knowledge about Christmas plants isn’t sufficient, we suggest that you read a bit more and then go shopping. Of course, Christmas botany is all about mistletoe and evergreens in the popular culture. But maybe you can bring something unique to the party! 

4-Rekindle the Christmas spirit

The business of life and everyday hustles have spiritually drained us. But Christmas holidays in 2023 are going to be the time you revive that religious spirit. Even an act of counting down the days before Christmas 2020 can get you in a festive mood!  

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5-Make some presents

Notice how we said make presents and not buy them? For a friend or the closest family member, wake up that artist inside you. Grab some clay, some paint, and get to work. Come up with something that will be more than just another gift bought at a superstore.

6-Watch a Christmas movie

Take a break from action thrillers and horror fantasies. Instead, watch a movie that is about Christmas. It could be funny or serious, the choice is yours. Watching it with the family will double the fun, won’t it? You could grab some food and drinks, make a cozy sort of atmosphere and spend some lovely hours gazing at the screen! 

7-Burn some candles

Christmas ever candle burning events are a common practice at churches. If life had you trapped all these years and you haven’t attended one yet, we recommend that you attend one this year. This will be a unique experience, we can promise you! 

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8-Sing some carols!

 Going to your relatives or friends, or hosting them is a super fun activity. Make these moments even more memorable by singing some Christmas carols together. When you indulge in activities like these, the warmth that connects everyone is simply priceless. Oh, and please switch off your smartphones for once!

9-Don’t forget to donate

You can donate to any cause of your liking, that bit about donating during Christmas hardly matters. What does matter is that you will be helping someone to have another chance at living respectfully? That, in our opinion, is all that matters. Online donation platforms like Transparent Hands can be one place where you can donate during the Christmas holidays 2023.

Donate on Christmas 

10- Familia ante Omnia

If we haven’t said it before, let us say this say again. Family comes before everything. Make sure that you spend a good chunk of Christmas time with your family. Create some epic moments this winter that you are going to cherish later!


They say Christmas is love in action and we couldn’t agree more. Everyone is quite exhausted by the events of 2023 and needs a reprieve. We hope the little tips we have discussed will help you get into proper Christmas spirit so that you can enjoy the Christmas holidays 2023 in some fashion!

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