List of Top Organizations for Free Medical Camps

List of Top Organizations for Free Medical Camps

List of Top Organizations for Free Medical Camps

Pakistan is a developing country that has been struggling with various issues since its inception in 1947. Since the country is not economically developed yet and since there are several issues within the ruling elite, e.g. corruption and resource misallocation, Pakistan has been struggling with infrastructure development. One of the institutions that have suffered greatly due to this problem is healthcare. As of 2014, the budget specified to further the development and bettering of healthcare facilities available in the country, was just 2.6 & of the total GDP. Therefore, it is no surprise that the World Health Organization ranked Pakistan 122 out of 180 countries in its performance report. List of Top Organizations for Free Medical Camps.

It is true that the conditions have improved considerably from what they used to be a couple of decades ago. However, it is also true that the situation is better for the financially unchallenged. The rich have access to all the necessary medical facilities and procedures because they can afford the private hospitals. The poor have only government institutions available, which are not only scarce, but also very mediocre in terms of service. These hospitals are primarily located in bigger cities, while the small districts and villages are looked over by the state departments. Even those that exist in major cities are outdated and lack proper staff and technology. This is a situation which translates into a huge problem, which is very clear from the statistics. It was stated in a report by the World Health Organization, that the average life expectancy for both men and women was the lowest in Pakistan, as compared to other South Asian countries. This is something that speaks volumes regarding the general healthcare situation throughout the country.

Given the aforementioned situation, it is vital that something positive be done, and it be done immediately. Non-governmental organizations and individuals with empathy for the economically disadvantaged, realized that if it were to be left with the government to realize its shortcomings and do something effective to deal with the problem, it would take, perhaps, decades to have the issue resolved. Pakistan, being a struggling economy as it is already, probably would not be able to bear with an ill populace that cannot support it. Therefore, the organizations and empathetic individuals took it upon themselves to fight the problem in whatever capacities they could. Thus, came forward the idea of medical camps to help the poor.

Medical camps consist of teams of trained doctors, nurses and lab technicians. They are mobile, meaning that a team is designated to several areas, where they set up small, temporary medical facilities. Usually the locations they set up their camps are situated in neighbourhoods with financially challenged communities, e.g. slums and remote villages.

There are several noble motivations which lead to the establishment of these camps by humanitarian organizations. Firstly, they ensure that basic treatment and general check-up is available for all people, regardless of their age, class and gender standing in the society. It is a basic right and it must be available to all without any discrimination. There is a long list of check-ups that are done, from eyes to lungs to livers to kidneys. The staff provides incoming patients with initial care, and if need be, refers specific cases to specialized hospitals and doctors, therefore enabling early diagnosis. Secondly, they strive to raise health awareness regarding several prevalent diseases that affect the masses, e.g. diarrhea, typhoid and dengue. The purpose is to spread knowledge so that people can arm themselves against easily preventable diseases, since prevention is better than treatment.

Currently, there are several organizations that are playing their part in arranging such free medical camps throughout the country. The following is a list of the top few:

List of Top Organizations for Free Medical Camps:

1. Transparent Hands

2. Insaniyat Foundation Pakistan

3. Al-Mustafa Welfare Society

4.  Healthcare and Social Welfare Association

5.  Aaghaz Foundation

6.  Hope

7.  Alkhidmat Foundation

8. Ehsaas Foundation 

1- Transparent Hands

Free Healthcare Services for Those Who Cannot Afford: 

“Transparent Hands” is the largest technology platform for crowdfunding in the healthcare sector of Pakistan. It offers a complete range of free healthcare services including medical and surgical treatments, medical camps and tele-health facility, to the underprivileged community of Pakistan. List of Top Organizations for Free Medical Camps. 

The platform provides visibility of needy patients and builds a personal and trusted bond between patients and donors while ensuring complete transparency. It also sets up free medical camps in the rural areas of Pakistan in which, free medical consultation, free medicines and free diagnostic tests facility is provided to the deserving patients.

Committed to Provide Free Healthcare Services to People in Need:

Transparent Hands provides, free medical and surgical treatment facility to the deserving patients across Pakistan in private hospitals. It also sets up free medical camps in rural areas of the country. Transparent Hands is also providing healthcare at doorstep through its advanced tele-health service.

Donors from all over the world can use our online Crowdfunding web portal and donate through 100% secure payment modes. They could select any patient, fund the treatment and receive regular feedback and updates until the patient is recovered completely.

Download our TransparentHands iPhone Application for Online Donation

2- Insaniyat Foundation Pakistan


IFP is a Non-Governmental-Organization established to bring about change in our society.The foundation is aimed to motivate youth, help poor people, provide quality health, Blood Bank, awareness programs & free medical camps. List of Top Organizations for Free Medical Camps. 


A Non-political & Non-profit organization established to bring about change in our society. IFP is on the way forward in achieving the best results during disasters and peace time projects to include Health, Blood Bank, Awareness Programs, Free Medical Camps, Education & Capacity Building – this is the core agenda of Insaniyat Foundation Pakistan – IFP

The idea was conceived in 2014 and the launching ceremony of the foundation took place on 27th November 2015 at Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur, which was attended by almost all the members of organization, media institutes and people from all walks of life.


Serve Humanity for Good Cause

To improve the quality of living standard of the deprived, vulnerable and marginalized communities, women & children in particular areas by education, healthcare, environment, gender equality, community physical infrastructure, skill development, capacity building, public health & awareness Seminars on sustainable basis.


  • Providing quality Health
  • Organizing Free Medical Camps.
  • Providing Medicines to needy People.
  • Blood Bank Service.
  • Free checkup at Affiliated Hospitals.
  • To prevent drug addiction in target area
  • Free Blood (Different) tests at Camps.
  • Taking efforts for development of our Villages and Cities.
  • Organizing Medical Seminars for awareness.
  • To promote quality education both academic & technical in under privileged communities.

3- Al-Mustafa Welfare Society


Al-Mustafa Welfare Society is one of the most reputable non-profit welfare organizations in Pakistan working for the social development and providing relief to low income group since 1983. It is run by a team of highly motivated intellectuals and social workers comprising of Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Business Executives and Representatives of various fields of life. Al-Mustafa’s branches are working all over the country from Kashmir to Karachi. They are providing Health, Education, Public Awareness and Emergency Relief Services. Al-Mustafa is serving thousands of poor and needy people on daily basis through its Medical Centers, Clinics, Schools, Mosques, Madarsahs, Orphanage, Vocational Training Centers and Skill Development Centers all over the country. List of Top Organizations for Free Medical Camps. 

Apart from Al-Mustafa’s routine services to mankind, Al-Mustafa is always among the main contributors whenever people are in need in case of any disaster like Earthquake 2005, Flood 2010, 2011 and 2012. With the support of their workers, volunteers and donors, Al-Mustafa Trust has always been there to rescue people from disaster, provided them tents, food, crockery, temporary schools, medical camps, medicines and anything else that could be needed. They have also provided shelter homes to the victims of various disasters.

Free Medical Camps

Al-Mustafa Welfare Society regularly organizes Free Medical Camps all over Pakistan in areas where people can’t even afford their routine check-up. Free Medicines are also provided to the patients in Free Medical Camps.

There are different types of Free Medical Camps as follows:

General Free Medical Camp

In General Free Medical Camp, General Physician does check-up of patients and they are provided with the prescribed medicines. Some investigations as also done such as sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI etc.

Emergency Medical Camp

Emergency Medical Camps are organized whenever any disaster occurs anywhere like Earthquake 2005, Flood 2010, 2011 ,2012.

Free Eye Surgeries Camp

In Free Eye Camps, Eye Specialist does check-up of patients and they are provided prescribed medicines. In these camps, many Cataract cases are found and Cataract Surgeries are performed free of cost of all the cases found in the camp.

Free Cleft Lip Palate Camp

In Cleft Lip & Palate Camp, Plastic Surgeons does check-up of the patients who have problem of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate and their surgeries are performed free of cost.

4- Healthcare and Social Welfare Association


HASWA is a not-for-profit organization working for the thousands of impoverished children in Pakistan who suffer physically from a congenital deformity or injury and do not have access to basic medical care let alone the re-constructive plastic surgery they need to lead normal productive lives.

Working in partnership with volunteers and overseas organizations, HASWA began in 2001 by providing free reconstructive surgery to people, specially children. Born with congenital deformities such as cleft lips or palates, they are often denied normal education because of their appearance and speech impediments.


  • To provide emotional and financial support to people suffering from congenital defects and physical handicaps specially those who are unable to finance their treatment.
  • To provide FREE medicines and Medical and Surgical treatment to the extremely poor who cannot afford treatment.


  • Giving them the courage to be independent and look the world in the face with a smile.
  • Medical Equipment and Medicines Distribution

Millions of Rupees worth of Medicines, Medical and Surgical supplies and equipment have been donated FREE of charge over the years.

HASWA gets regular donations in kind from donors all over the world. They have affiliation with International NGOs and Foundations. They have Friends of HASWA in USA, UK and all over Europe.

HASWA has actively been holding Medical Camps in the last 10 years. Millions of Rupees worth of medicines have been distributed FREE of CHARGE.

They also support two Foundations who run hospices for the elderly and terminally sick, specifically Cancer Patients.

5- Aaghaz Foundation


Aaghaz Foundation (AF) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, devoting its efforts for empowering underprivileged sections of society particularly women and laborers, strengthening local government institutions, promoting quality education and health awareness. List of Top Organizations for Free Medical Camps. 

Aaghaz Foundation is working since 2006 in order to streamline the local government system, to ensure reforms for gender-sensitive governance structure and participatory community development through its contribution in various researches, advocacy campaigns, community mobilization, and training programs.

Activities in Area of health

  • Regularly organize medical camps with support of Doctors Association and different pharmaceutical companies in Shalimar and wagha Town.
  • Organize awareness session on HIV/AIDS & T.B.
  • Arranging activities on child sexual Abuses in vulnerable segment of society

Medical camps

Aaghaz Foundation aimed to increase public awareness and support in the society for hygiene care. It did this with IEC material, mobilizing the community and implementing programmes and activities to strengthen each link of the chain. To reduce the risk of disease and increase awareness of the importance of good hygiene, Aaghaz foundation is helping NFBE centers in safe hygiene practices through HEC (health education comity). The students/teachers, lady health workers learned how they safe their selves from diseases, how hand-washing, safe food preparation, and proper waste disposal all help prevent disease.

6- Hope


HOPE (Health Oriented Preventive Education) is a NGO (non-governmental organization) based in Karachi, Pakistan, comprising of professionals (Doctors, Social workers, Educationists) as well as grass-root workers. The motto is SELF-SUFFICIENCY and SUSTAINABILITY.

The ultimate aim of HOPE is Community Development through self-sufficiency of the community. The members of HOPE are working along with community volunteers who are organized in Community Based Organizations (CBO’S). All activities in the community are planned in co-ordination with the CBO’S and implemented in the community through the CBO’S. Hence, the community becomes SELF- SUFFICIENT and the community development work is SUSTAINABLE.

HOPE is presently addressing the following issues in the community.

  • Community development and organization into CBO’S.
  • Community motivation.
  • Provision of primary health care services.
  • Awareness raising in community through literacy programs.
  • Income-generation activities.
  • Environmental sanitation.
  • Promotion of hygienic health practices.

Health Services

  • Maternal Child Center
  • Basic Health Unit in HUB
  • Mobile Health Unit (MHU)

Maternal Child Center

Maternal mortality is significantly high in Pakistan. This is chiefly due to pregnancy related complications such as threatened abortion, ante-partum hemorrhage, pre eclampsia, etc. Mothers generally do not go for ante – natal care and most deliveries are conducted at home.

Maternal and Child health Centers have been established in Manzoor Colony, Mujahid Colony and Bilal Colony where ante – natal care is provided to mothers. High-risk pregnancies are identified. Anemia is treated, nutrition advice is given and fetal monitoring is carried out. For this purpose a liaison has been established with the TBA’s in the area. Simple deliveries are conducted in the MCH Centre. In case of complications, the MCH Staff immediately takes the patient to a Tertiary Care Hospital.

Basic Health Unit in HUB

HOPE, in collaboration with Asia Petroleum, started a Basic Health Unit in the HUB area in August 2010. The Health Center is located in a poor area. Majority of people live without electricity, poor hygiene and sanitation facilities and limited clean water. Diseases are common in this area and health facilities are situated far away. HOPE aims to provide much needed basic health care to thousands of residents annually through this BHU. List of Top Organizations for Free Medical Camps.

Mobile Health Unit (MHU) 

To cater the much needed health care facilities in the underprivileged areas of Karachi, HOPE organizes a weekly mobile medical camp that covers as many as 26 Goths on a rotational basis. HOPE has been able to carry out this project with the help of generous support from ASIA Petroleum. The area that HOPE’s medical team covers is quite vast ~ from Pipri in the south east of Karachi to the North West touching the borders of Baluchistan at Hub. On each visit  as many as 60 individual patients  consisting of men, women and children are examined.

7- Alkhidmat Foundation


Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan is one of the leading, non-profit and independent organization, fully dedicated to humanitarian services.

Alkhidmat workers and volunteers continue to work tirelessly for relief of affected people across Pakistan and worldwide. Their dedicated services include Disaster Management, Health Services, Education, Orphan Care, Clean Water, Mawakhat (interest free loan) and other community services.


“Service to humanity with integrity”


Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan being non-political, non governmental and non-profit organization is committed to serving humanity especially vulnerable and orphans without any kind of discrimination to contribute in their  well-being of health, education, financial  sustainability, livelihood, shelter, availability of clean water, mosques, savage of disaster and other aspects of  life and for welfare of its  employees by means of resource mobilization and  developing partnership with NGOs, other concerned public & private organizations, supporting, engaging in and during useful programs and doing all such acts, deeds and things required to achieves above with integrity.

Health Services

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has always been striving to serve the poorest segment of the society. Keeping in the view the situation of poor infrastructure of health sector in Pakistan, they have started a number of projects to improve the situation by provision of facilities for the general public, regardless of their socio-economic status. Alkhidmat Foundation has devised a health services program for establishing and administering Mother and Child Healthcare Centers, Hospitals, Mobile Medical  Camps, Ambulance Service, Diagnostic and Collection Centers and Blood Banks across Pakistan.

Ambulance Service

Due to the increasing numbers of road accidents, terrorist attacks, poor health conditions of masses, terrorism and natural disasters, people are extremely vulnerable to causalities. In such uncertain circumstances, they need a quick access to any sort of medical facility which can decrease the chance of any major loss. In such situation the role of ambulance service has gained major importance. The objective of Alkhidmat Foundation for its ambulance service is to mitigate the severity of accidents or disasters where many people die as a result of unavailability of quick access to hospitals or ambulances arriving too late on the scene. A large number of our ambulances across Pakistan provide appropriate pre-hospital care to the patients and or victims of any emergency situation. They are kitted out with necessary equipment like splints, oxygen, drugs, support of paramedical staff and others. List of Top Organizations for Free Medical Camps.

Medical Camps

Besides its several health and medical facilities, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan also arranges mobile medical camps as its out-reach program to provide medical and health facility to those who can’t afford medical services. These camps provide specialized medical staff for the patients at their nearby place. These medical camps provide initial diagnostic facility through qualified medical staff to the patients. Patients are examined and prescribed for initial treatment according to their symptoms and sometimes they are referred to a suitable medical facility.

Free helpline 1023

The free helpline 1023 enables the citizens to reach Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s Ambulance Service from across the country. The countrywide network maintains a track record of 10-minute response time and documentation system.

8. Ehsaas Foundation:

“Ehsaas Foundation” was founded in 1998 by Mrs. Rifat Shaukat. Ehsaas is an aid and development charity with over 8 years of grass-roots experience that helps low income families to alleviate their poverty and suffering by taking care of their basic necessities of food, water, shelter, health, education and employment – all without compromising their dignity. In addition, Ehsaas also rapidly implements emergency humanitarian relief in areas that have been struck by calamity.

Several of Ehsaas’s campaigns have been created in partnership with the Khawaja Gharib Nawaz Welfare Trust International (KGNWTI) and ARY Television Network including the EHSAAS ZINDAGI KA Campaign which gave welfare and humanitarian relief including Food Support, Clean Water and Shelter during the Pakistan floods of 2010 and 2011.

There is a dire need for health services in some of the poorest regions of Pakistan. Their Health Projects are run in some of the most deprived areas of Pakistan, and vary from helping individuals with life-threatening illnesses to supporting institutions that have helped over 1.4 million people so far such as the Fatima Bai Hospital. In addition, they also provide Medical Camps with free nutrition, consultancy and medicines and Eye Camps with free spectacles and cataract operations.

Medical Camps:

Ehsaas holds Free Medical Camps in some of the poorest areas of Pakistan. 

Over 600 people attended their last medical camp, where your donations provided free consultation and medicines.

Pakistan is one of the highest ranking countries where people are still getting affected by preventable diseases such as tuberculosis, polio and malaria while non-communicable diseases are also increasing considerably.

Ehsaas knows the desperate need to provide these health services to those that can least afford them and, with your generous support, would like to undertake many more free medical camps in the most deprived areas, especially to deal with chest and lung problems and many other problems such as :

  • Intestinal Infections
  • Tuberculosis
  • Bacterial Diseases
  • Viral Diseases
  • Diseases of Respiratory System
  • Diseases of Digestive System
  • Diseases of Urinary System

Eye Camps:

Ehsaas holds free Eye Camps in the most deprived areas of Pakistan, for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and for Syrian refugees, to help avoid blindness by undertaking eye check-ups and cataract operations.

However, they know there is still a desperate need to provide even more eyesight health services especially to those that can least afford them and, with your generous support, they would like to undertake many more free eye camps.

Fatima Bai Hospital:

The Fatima Bai 100-bed general hospital in Karachi is run on a no profit no loss basis.

It is a modern well-equipped and well-staffed facility with experienced doctors and provides affordable treatment for those on low incomes and treats on average over 4,000 patients a month.

The Fatima Bai Hospital was established in 1985 under the supervision of Haji Yaqoob Wali Muhammad Gandhi Foundation.

Download our  Transparenthands Andriod Application for Online Donation

Arranging free medical camps for the disease and poverty stricken is perhaps the most honourable effort for humanity. While the departments, that are actually responsible for ensuring the good health of the citizens of the country, are inefficient and unable to achieve much, it is these medical camps that strive to fill in the gaps. To reiterate, every single human being deserves dignity and healthcare rights and we must ensure that their rights are not denied. Therefore, we must play our parts in assisting these organizations in whatever way we can, so that they can reach out to more people.

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