Medical Terminologies Simplified

Medical Terminologies Simplified

Simplified Medical Terminologies

In our endeavor to provide quality healthcare assistance to the people of our country, we have collaborated with numerous well-established hospitals. This has helped us serve the underprivileged community with diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures that would be otherwise too expensive for them to afford but crucial for their treatment. Most medical procedures have difficult and hard-to-pronounce names that the general public is usually unable to understand. Here, we have provided a brief description of some of the simplified medical terminologies for your better understanding.

  Medical Procedure Name Organ Involved Description
1 Angiography Heart A technique that utilizes contrast material and X-rays to assess the condition of blood vessels
2 Device Occlusion Heart A mechanical device is used to close a defect
3 Prosthetic Limbs Limbs Artificial limbs in place of lost or amputated limbs
4 Chemotherapy Cancers Use of various drug regimes for treating cancers in the body
5 Hepatitis Treatment Liver Medicines are given to patients for a period of time to combat the virus that is causing damage to the liver
6 MRI Any organ The imaging technique used to assess the state and functioning of internal organs
7 Cystoscopy Bladder The bladder is examined with the help of a camera
8 Endoscopy Internal organs The Gastrointestinal (GI) tract is examined by using an instrument with a camera called an endoscope
9 Lithotripsy Kidney/Ureter Treatment of stones using shock waves
10 Biopsy Any tissue A tissue sample collected from the body to be examined microscopically
11 Colonoscopy Large intestine

Visualization of the large intestine using scope and camera to detect the cause of the disease


We have these are the terms that we all will remember next we hear some concept medical terminologies and don’t have to google it for what organ or part of the body that a particular medical procedure is associated with.

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