Surgical Terminologies Simplified

Surgical Terminologies Simplified

Transparent Hands has been providing healthcare services to the underprivileged sector of society for more than six years now. Patients with various ailments are offered surgical assistance by our organization. However, usually, it is difficult for the common masses to understand the surgical terminologies or names of different surgeries. In this blog, we intend to provide a brief description of all the surgical terminologies and  procedures that are conducted under the umbrella of Transparent Hands.

  Surgery Name Treated Organ Description
1 Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) Heart Surgery improves oxygen supply to the heart by diverting the blood around clogged arteries
2 VSD/ASD Closure Heart A hole in the septum of the heart is closed off
3 Mitral Valve Replacement Heart The diseased valve of the heart is replaced
4 TOF Repair Surgery Heart Four abnormalities in the heart are corrected


               Discectomy Spinal cord Removes herniated disc that is putting pressure on the spinal cord
6 Hip Replacement Surgery (Arthroplasty) Hip The painful diseased hip joint is replaced
7 Knee Replacement Surgery Knee Joint The painful diseased knee joint is replaced
8 ACL Reconstruction Ligament Surgery for the repair of the torn anterior cruciate ligament
9 Urethroplasty Urethra Any defect of the urethral wall is repaired
10 Orchidopexy Testicle An undescended testicle is moved into the scrotum
11 Colostomy Large intestine An opening is created through the abdomen to facilitate the evacuation of the bowel
12 Ileostomy Small intestine An opening is created in the abdomen for drainage of intestinal contents
13 Posterior Sagittal Anorectoplasty (PSARP) Back passage Anorectal malformations are repaired
14 Anterior Sagittal Anorectoplasty (ASARP) Back passage Anorectal malformations are repaired
15 Open Cholecystectomy Gallbladder Gallbladder containing stones is removed with open surgical technique
16 Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Gallbladder Minimally invasive surgery for the removal of gallbladder containing stones
17 Phacoemulsification Eye Treats cataract affected eyes
18 Cochlear Implant Ear Provision of a modified sense of sound to people with sensorineural hearing loss through a neuroprosthetic device
19 Tympanoplasty Ear A hole in the eardrum is repaired
20 Thyroidectomy Thyroid Gland Removal of some parts or all of the thyroid gland
21 Herniotomy Abdominal wall Removal of hernial sac through surgery
22 Herniorrhaphy Abdominal wall The hernia is fixed using suture material
23 Hernioplasty Abdominal wall The hernia is fixed using a woven mesh
24 Debulking Surgery Any organ Surgical removal of tumorous tissue
25 Hysterectomy Uterus Removal of a diseased uterus
26 Pyelolithotomy Kidney Removal of a stone from the kidney


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