Now Shop on AmazonSmile and Donate to TransparentHands

Now Shop on AmazonSmile and Donate to TransparentHands

Now Shop on AmazonSmile and Donate to TransparentHands Charity

To some online shopping is a disaster as there are many spammers and low-quality product suppliers but if you are shopping from a renown online retailers you will surely end up making the best purchase of your life. Now Shop on AmazonSmile and Donate to TransparentHands Charity.

Online shopping is something when we make a purchase online and pay to the company via online paying methods. It is also called as e-shop, or an e-shopping that is done from a web-store, internet shape or an online-store; one thing many names!

In recent years, online shopping has increased among the customer who has an easy access to the internet, mobile and laptop devices etc. the most customers are seen in the holiday seasons. The retailers or companies that are selling their products on these online stores also offer a wide range of sales and discounts and other marketing and sales strategies that are implemented in the physical markets.

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-> AmazonSmile and TransparentHands Working Together for Charity

How Does AmazonSmile Works??

Visit the Link This is the first step, you will only need to change the link, and rest of the shopping experience is same as that of the previous you deal with while shopping from Amazon.

Signing In & Searching Organization:

You can see a different user interface, based on if you have signed into the Amazon account or not. When you are signed into the Amazon account, you can go to the search bar and find the charities list. If you are not signed in, add your singing details and logging to your account first.

Selecting the Organization:

There you will find the Transparent Hands by typing the name in the search bar. Select the organization name and move to next step. There are chances you will find many other organizations in the search list; you can proceed by selecting the one you are willing to donate to. Now Shop on AmazonSmile and Donate to TransparentHands Charity

In the holiday season, Christmas or ester etc. the shoppers look for the best deals on the online retailers like and go for the best option. A successful web store is good looking, easy to use, and offers the maximum variety of products for wide range of customers. At the time when these stores are working on boosting the customer relationship, they are helping the corporate entities to link to their customers in a number of ways and make money.

Online shopping has something interesting facts, some of which are as follow;

  • an online retailer has more than 94 million visitors on monthly basis.
  • About 68% females and 77% males shop during their lunch hours
  • About 20% of the customer does not prefer online shopping because of the security issues they think they might have for their credit cards.
  • The e-commerce sales in the US increased from 72 to 228 billion, from 2002 to 2010.
  • Online shopping is more appreciated by Youngers and middle age users.
  • The shoppers from the age 35 to 44 make only 29% of the net online shoppers.
  • About 72% women search the online stores for apparel and lingerie.
  • The online reviews are consulted by about 40% of the shoppers, before making a purchase.
  • Pizza shop was the first ever online shopping site that was owned by Pizza hut in 1994
  • Books are the best seller products on the online shopping website around the globe.
  • Autobiography of Steve Jobs was the best seller sold online in 2002.

With all such amazing facts, it is an understood reality that online shopping has been admired and carried by a number of people since a long time. Online shopping has a long history and is still appreciated the source of buying for people of all ages and all genders.

However,  with the passage of time there are a number of competitors in the field who are working by day and night to compete with each other and become the number 1. Despite the tough competition, there is no much number of virtual stores that are giving a level playing field to Amazon is always a head in providing the best and the most variety of products for all kind of customers. But now you can shop on AmazonSmile & Donate to Transparent hand charity and make a real difference. There are many other charity organizations that you can join and help them to help the poor, while you are enjoying your own shopped products.

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