Sir Syed Pilot High School

Sir Syed Pilot High School

History :

The foundation of Sir Syed Pilot School Society was laid in 1979, by visionary academic professor Niaz Ahmed Butt (Late) with a view to introduce new trend in education, at a time when quality education in the private sector was scare and considered as the privilege of ‘haves’ only. Over the period of three and half decade, the society has served the Wazirabad with its educational projects including Sir Syed Pilot Girls High School for boys under the leadership of Niaz Ahmed Butt and Mrs Bilqees Niaz Butt. We shall put in our best efforts to come up to your trust ever.

Academics :

i. Play Group :

    • Delivering quality education to make a child a sound mind, in order to develop and groom him in accordance to the new trends and challenges of the new era by making them go through academic subjects of English, Urdu, Math’s, General knowledge and Arts.
    • Giving the personal care and grooming to the child through extra-curricular activities i.e. teaching courtesy words, table manners and personal care.
    • Our classes are well equipped with technical support so that visual presentations are the rich source of learning, helping young minds to visualize what is hard for them to imagine.

ii. Junior/Primary campus :

    • Visual presentations are mandatory part of our curriculum as an effective source of learning in order to enhance the understanding of the students especially in science subject.
    • Oxford English, Mathematics, Oxford Science, Urdu, Islamiyat and S.studies
    • Our syllabus consists of Punjab text board books and few from Oxford syllabus. The syllabus has been designed by keeping in view the student mentality and their environment. Introduction of oxford book is with the purpose of making students aware of international trend of education and so to increase their compatibility.
    • We firmly believe that “sound body has sound mind”. We provide our students with sports facility. Physical activity is necessary as it allows students to refresh their mind which ultimately leads towards better performance in academics.

iii. Senior/High campus :

  • Our visual presentation includes the use of power point, displaying images and showing videos in accordance to the subject or topics. Not only the teachers but also the Students are encouraged to use power point for their presentations as an effective source of learning.
  • Our objective is to fulfill all the educational requirements of the students. The content has been designed to give student knowledge and understanding. Also to develop creativity and analytical skills is our key objective.
  • In our high section students are encouraged to participate in the games like: Football, Volley ball, Basket ball and karate etc. Games are essential part of learning as it not only help to improve the physical health of the child but also to develop the spirit of sportsman ship.

Admission :

• No admission fee for continuing students for Sir Syed Pilot Girls High School students (including junior campus)
• 100% fee concession for students securing 90% marks and above.
• 50% fee concession for students securing 85% and above.
• 25% fee concession for students securing 80% and above.
• 25% fee concession for the kinship (real blood relation) for Sir Syed Pilot Girls High students (including junior campus).
• 25% fee concession for wards of teachers.