Abubakar’s Cochlear Implant Surgery 

Abubakar’s Cochlear Implant Surgery 

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Muhammad Abubakr saddique's Story

Donate for Abubakar’s Cochlear Implant Surgery. Before you go on to read the painful details of Abubakar’s story, please know that your small contribution made to Abubakar’s surgery will open up a whole new world of opportunities for him. Therefore, we would urge you to kindly donate as much as you can. Please aid Abubakar’s Cochlear Implant surgery.

Abubakar is a young child of four years old, residing in Charsadda. His parents realised that he was deafeningly ignoring any sounds and would not react to even loud noises.  He didn’t respond to anyone even when his name was called. When he was around 12 months old, his parents became concerned and took him to the doctor. The doctor ran a series of tests and found that he had bilateral significant sensorineural hearing loss. Abubakar ‘s doctor also recommended that he have a Cochlear Implant Surgery.

A cochlear Implant is a sound-perception neuroprosthetic device that is surgically implanted behind the patient’s ear. It receives sound from the outside environment, processes it, and sends small electric currents near the auditory nerve. The brain learns to recognize this signal and the person experiences this as “hearing”.

Abubakar’s father is currently unemployed and completely relies on friends and family for financial assistance. They are a family of five, and they are provided a shelter by a kind being on humanitarian basis. in these circumstances Abubakar’s Cochlear Implant Surgery is out of the question. 

“Abubakar has the most innocent face I’ve ever seen. He is an exceptionally bright young man. I wish he could hear and respond to what we’re saying.”

– Abuzar’s mother.

A member of the hospital’s administrative staff told them about Transparent Hands after learning about their challenging condition. His father approached our main office personnel and requested that his son be registered.

Abubakar has his entire life before him. Your financial assistance will be greatly appreciated by his family, since the procedure will provide him with the gift of hearing. Therefore, we would request you to please donate for Abubakar’s Cochlear Implant Surgery. 

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Muhammad Abubakr saddique's Story

Muhammad Abubakar, a four-year-old resident of Charsadda, had sensorineural hearing loss since birth. His parents took him to the hospital for his checkup. The doctor, after evaluation, advised Muhammad Abubakar to have cochlear implant surgery. For this purpose, he was admitted to Ali Medical Complex, Islamabad, and his operation was done by Dr. Jawwad on 24-12-2021 and her internal component was fixed. The surgery was successful and Muhammad Abubakar was discharged after one day of hospital stay in stable condition. The external component will be fixed after six weeks.

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