Aroosa Awaits LSCS

Aroosa Awaits LSCS

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Aroosa Bibi's Story

Aroosa, aged 23 years, a resident of Multan, is expecting for the second time. Due to some pregnancy related complications, Aroosa had her previous child born via cesarean section. Now when she was expecting for the second time, the doctor advised her for elective LSCS for safe delivery of her child. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints they can not afford her C-Section. It is because of this reason that the most beautiful moments of her life are turning into stress. Her husband narrates their ordeal in the following manner. 

“I am a labourer and I earn around PKR. 700 per day. Sometimes I even come home empty handed. We own a very small house. In this amount I have to manage the house and also support my wife and child. The news of our second child brought us immense happiness but the financial worries soon turned it into a stressful event. At night I usually stay away thinking about managing the delivery and my wife’s healthcare. I am the only breadwinner of this family. It is my responsibility to take care of my wife and children’s comfort. But in this amount all I can do is plan and dream.”

Aroosa Awaits LSCS. Luckily, now that Aroosa has been connected with Transparent Hands, you can make this procedure possible. Generously, donate for Aroosa’s LSCS and enable her to cherish motherhood. You can turn this stressful situation into a memorable occasion for Aroosa and her family.  

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Aroosa Bibi's Story

Aroosa Bibi, a 23-year-old resident of Multan, was pregnant. Since she previously had three C-sections, the doctor advised her to have an elective C-section to avoid complications. Unfortunately, due to poor financial conditions, they couldn’t afford the procedure. A friend told them about Transparent Hands and they got their case registered. Aroosa Bibi was admitted to BAMT Hospital where her C-section was performed by Dr. Asim Iqbal on 04.10.2021. Aroosa Bibi was blessed with a baby boy. Both Aroosa and her son were discharged in good health after two days of hospital stay.


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