Donate for Muhammad Nadeem’s Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Donate for Muhammad Nadeem’s Total Hip Replacement Surgery

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Muhammad Nadeem's Story

 Muhammad Nadeem’s life has been a sorry tale, reaching up to his 43rd birthday. From his parents separating post marriage to facing the harsh challenges of life on his own, Nadeem has seen it all. But the highlight from this tale of misery has to be the moment when Muhammad Nadeem attempted to pick more than what he could manage! You see, Nadeem used to work for a construction firm, and one day, while lifting load, he felt an agonizing pain in his lower back. The pain did subside for a while when Nadeem opted for therapy, he even started going to work again! But then the relapse occurred, and Nadeem was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip. Simply put, it refers to pain in the hip joint that worsens with any amount of activity a patient makes. Nadeem has trouble walking and the only solution that can help him is a total hip replacement (THR) surgery. His right hip has already been operated on and now he requires surgery for his left hip. 

Understanding this type of arthroplasty is fairly easy. All it involves is removing the damaged cartilage and replacing it with prosthetic components. The tricky part that Nadeem fails to fathom is how he is going to manage the funds required for his total hip replacement. There is only one hope that he has got now, and that is Transparent Hands! 

“My right THR was supported by Transparent Hands, and now for my left THR, I am putting all my hopes in this NGO once more. You would think life might have been kinder to me in the span when things were looking promising (speaking health-wise). But it has not been the case. I would have given up completely, had it not been for my friends and family who have supported me throughout this time”

Nadeem’s three kids want their father to walk properly once more. His wife wants him to be the happy man she wedded 15 years ago! But for that to happen, you need to play your part too! So, Donate NOW for Muhammad Nadeem’s THR as much as you can! 

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