Ayesha’s Cochlear Implant Surgery

Ayesha’s Cochlear Implant Surgery

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Ayesha Atiq's Story

Doante for Ayesha’s Cochlear Implant Surgery. Before you dwell upon reading the painful details of Ayesha Atiq, know that your donations can open a whole new world to this innocent soul. Your donations, no matter how little, will have a huge impact on her life. Therefore we would request you to please donate for Ayesha’s Cochlear Implant Surgery.

Two years old Ayesha Atiq, a resident of Islamabad, has not been able to live her childhood to the fullest. Ayesha suffers from Congenital Sensorineural Hearing Loss. When she turned a year old, her parents noticed that she was not responding or reacting to sounds. They took her to a nearby hospital, where after going through multiple hearing tests and evaluation, the doctor advised them to get her a Hearing device but they couldn’t afford that. Over time, her hearing sensitivity could not develop. Upon further consultation, the doctor now advised them to get Ayesha a Cochlear Implant. This Cochlear implant will help her recognize the hearing sensations and that will stimulate or activate the inner ear nerves.

Ayesha’s father works in a private company and earns PKR. 30,000 a month. Being the only breadwinner in the family and a family of five people to raise in this mere amount is already very difficult for him. The cost of this surgery is hefty and it is beyond his affordability. He has no financial support from any friends or relatives. Ayesha’s father shared his distress with Transparent Hands in the following manner:

“It is absolutely heartbreaking for me to see my daughter missing out on her childhood because of this hearing disability. Transparent Hands has given me and my wife hope.”

Luckily for Ayesha, she has now been connected with Transparent Hands, we are determined to help her and bring the sense of sound in her life. But, this will not be possible without your generous contribution. We urge you to please donate as much as you can for Ayesha’s Cochlear Implant Surgery.

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Ayesha Atiq's Story

Two-year-old Ayesha Atiq, a resident of Islamabad, was born without a sense of hearing. Her parents didn't notice this till she was a year old. She was referred to an ENT specialist, who diagnosed her with congenital Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Initially, Ayesha's parents were advised to get her a hearing aid, but they couldn't afford to buy one. Her hearing abilities did not improve over time, and she was advised to undergo Cochlear Implant surgery after further evaluation. They came to Transparent Hands for assistance. On January 15, 2022, we sent Ayesha to Ali Medical Complex, Islamabad, to have her Cochlear Implant performed by Dr. Jawad Ahmed. She was discharged the next day in stable condition. The external component of her cochlear implant was installed after six weeks. Ayesha Atiq is no longer a stranger to the world of sounds.

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