Donate Azra Bibi for her Thyroidectomy

Donate Azra Bibi for her Thyroidectomy

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Azra Bibi's Story

Your little support can create a lasting impact in the life of this poor mother

Azra Bibi is a 53 years old woman who lives in a rural area of Lahore with her husband and 4 young kids. They all live together in a rented house consisting of only one bedroom. Azra’s husband works as a security guard and hardly earns around 14,000 rupees a month from which he has to pay school fees of his children, house rent and other household expenses. By the end of every month, this family is left with nothing and they have to struggle hard to manage even two times meal.

Azra is suffering from goiter for 20 years. She never got it treated properly due to lack of money. Also, she never felt any bothersome symptoms all these years. Around two years ago, her disease started showing painful symptoms including pain and pressure in her neck and difficulty in eating food. She visited doctor and he told her to undergo surgery to get rid of her goiter. Azra’s family don’t have enough money to get her operated. They contacted many hospitals for free of cost surgical treatment but nobody paid attention to them.

Luckily somebody told them about Transparent Hands and they immediately came here. Azra is now scheduled for her Thyroidectomy in a few days at Akram Medical Complex. Her surgery will not be possible without your kind support.

We request you to please donate for this poor lady so that she can regain health and starts performing her day to day activities without any pain!

Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.


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Azra Bibi's Story

Azra Bibi 53 years old lady had long-standing neck swelling. She started experiencing difficulty in breathing due to pressure effects on the neck. She was diagnosed as a case of Goiter and was advised surgery for this. She was operated on 23-07-18 at Akram Medical Complex by Dr. Ahmed Fawad. Her Subtotal Thyroidectomy was done. She remained alright during her post-operative period and was discharged symptom-free after three days of hospital stay.

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