Donate for Abu Bakar’s Herniotomy

Donate for Abu Bakar’s Herniotomy

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Abu Bakar's Story

At the age of mere three years, Abu Bakar has been exposed to the level of pain and trauma that is unimaginable even for us. Before you dive into the gory details of Abu Bakar’s ailment, please know that your help can relieve him of his pain. Therefore, we request you to please donate for Abu Bakar’s herniotomy as much as you can. 

Three years old Abu Bakar suffers from a right inguinal hernia. For those among you who don’t know much about hernias, an inguinal hernia refers to a protrusion of abdominal contents through the inguinal canal. The consequences of this disorder include constant stretch and severe pain, which is unbearable for adults, let alone a child who is three years of age.

Consequently, after consultation and detailed investigation, the doctor has advised Abu Bakar to undergo a Herniotomy. A Herniotomy is the easiest way of removing a hernia sac, a surgery that can put Abu Bakar’s misery to an end. But while the treatment is effective, it is also expensive. Unfortunately, Abu Bakar’s father cannot afford the hefty cost of his surgery. He works as a labourer and hardly manages to earn PKR 20,000 per month. With a family of seven to raise, he is in no position to arrange for Abu Bakar’s surgery. Abu Bakar’s mother told us:

“We cannot bear the sight of our son wailing in pain. It kills us. He is only three and has already faced the pain of a lifetime. Whoever is reading this, I request you to please help my son.”

After a lot of distress, Abu Bakar’s parents have registered his case with Transparent Hands. We have assured them that we would arrange his surgery for free and as soon as possible. Now, all we need is your help. Therefore, we request you to please donate to Abu Bakar’s herniotomy as much as you can. 

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Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.

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Abu Bakar's Story

Abu Bakar, a two year old boy from Lahore had a different and a difficult early childhood as compared to other kids. He had been suffering from swelling in his right groin since birth. Upon medical examination, the doctors revealed that he was suffering from right Inguinal Hernia. The doctor advised him to undergo Herniotomy. For this purpose, Abu Bakar was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital. His surgery was performed by Dr. Sajjad Nayar on 06-07-2021 and his Hernia was fixed successfully. He was discharged the following day from the hospital in a satisfactory condition. Abu Bakar is now looking forward to leading a pain free, comfortable and healthy life.

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