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Donate for Ameer’s Hernioplasty

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Ameer Hamza's Story

Ameer Hamza, 5 years old, had a lump in his navel region since he was born. As he grew older, sometimes he used to complain to his mother about experiencing a sensation of pain in that area. The lump usually became painful right after physical exertion. Recently, Ameer’s mother noticed that the lump had started changing its color. This caused great concern to her and she took him to the nearest hospital for medical consultation. After examination and testing, Ameer was diagnosed to have an umbilical hernia. This condition occurs when a part of the intestine bulges through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles in the navel region. The physician recommended hernioplasty for repair of Ameer’s hernia. It is a kind of hernia repair surgery in which the weakened region of abdominal tissue is fixed by repairing it.

Ameer’s parents were very worried over his diagnosis and the advised procedure. Primarily, because they could not afford the expensive procedure.  Ameer’s father works at a private company and earns only PKR 20,000 per month. In this time of inflation, it is hard for him to afford even the bare minimum necessities pertaining to his household.

“Our little boy is not well. As a parent, there is nothing more stressful than seeing your child suffer. We have visited multiple local hospitals in hopes of getting an appointment for a free surgery, but they do not have free slots till next year. Ameer’s mother cannot even sleep at night. She is so concerned for his health. We pray to God for a miracle.”– said Ameer’s father

They visited our office in Lahore after getting to know about us from a friend. We have registered his case. Now, Ameer needs your help. Your financial donation will be deeply appreciated by his parents. Do not let them down in their time of need. Please donate generously for Ameer’s hernioplasty.

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Ameer Hamza's Story

Ameer Hamza, aged 5 years, had a bulge in his navel region since he was born. The bulge caused pain from time to time. On medical consultation, he was diagnosed with umbilical hernia. The doctor advised a hernioplasty (Mayo’s repair) for its repair. For this purpose, Ameer was admitted to Lahore Care Hospital and the surgery was performed by Dr. Ahmed Fawad on 31-03-21. He stayed in the hospital for one day and was discharged in a stable condition. Ameer’s abdominal pain and discomfort has ended since the surgery.


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