Donate for Asma Noreen’s Breast Cancer Surgery

Donate for Asma Noreen’s Breast Cancer Surgery

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Asma Noreen's Story

Asma Noreen, aged 49, hails from the Mianwali district of the country and suffers from left breast cancer. The shocking diagnosis was made almost six months ago and Asma’s life has not been the same since. While chemotherapy has been going on since the diagnosis, it doesn’t promise that cancer won’t spread. To treat the breast carcinoma and prevent it spreading from the breast to other body parts, Asma has been advised an MRM and axillary clearance. We are sure that not many of you are aware of MRM in detail, so let us talk a bit about it for better understanding.

MRM stands for modified radical mastectomy. It refers to a surgical procedure in which the entire breast is removed except the chest muscles. The surgical procedure is a recommended treatment for breast cancer most of the time. On the other hand, axillary clearance refers to the removal of lymph nodes and tumorous tissues from the armpit region of the body. In Asma’s case, she has been suggested a left axillary clearance. These two surgical procedures can put an end to Asma’s misery, but there is a glitch in this all will be well story. Asma’s family is going through a period of a financial crisis. 

“20,000. That is all that we have got to manage our family of three. My husband earns it by computing for a private company all day long. Food, bills, my daughter’s school fee, we already have a lot to manage within this 20K and sometimes it is simply not enough. Even with the knowledge that my life is at severe risk in case of delayed treatment, I know there isn’t just enough in the family bank for my breast cancer treatment”-said Asma

This is the story of Asma Noreen. Simple but every word of it drenched in pain and helplessness. There is nothing more left to be said, you know all that matters! All that is left you to do is donate for Asma Noreen’s MRM & axillary clearance and DONATE NOW! 

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Asma Noreen's Story

Asma Noreen, 49 years old, presented with a mass on her left breast. On medical consultation, the mass was diagnosed as carcinoma. After she had her chemotherapy sessions, the doctor advised surgical intervention. For this purpose, Asma was admitted in Maryam Memorial Hospital and her left modified radical mastectomy (MRM) along with axillary clearance was performed by Dr. Afsheen Zafar on 01.01.2021. She stayed in the hospital for four days and was discharged in a stable condition. Asma is slowly recovering from her surgery.

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