Donate for Farhan Iqbal’s Open Heart Surgery

Donate for Farhan Iqbal’s Open Heart Surgery

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Farhan Iqbal's Story

Soon after his first birthday, 3 years old Farhan Iqbal was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease called ASD – a hole between two chambers of heart that allows oxygen-rich blood to leak into the oxygen-poor blood chamber. The devastating news of his disease disturbed everyone who adored little Farhan Iqbal. Be it his parents, grandparents, distant relatives or neighbors, the news played havoc with everyone’s emotions. While Farhan’s grandmother blamed evil eye and black magic for his grandson’s disease, Farhan’s parents circled back and forth to various hospitals in search of a treatment.

Upon thorough check-up and tests, Farhan Iqbal was prescribed a 6 months long course of medication. Unfortunately, the medication failed to have adequate relief. After completing the course, the cardiologist advised him to undergo an open heart surgery for ASD closure as soon as possible.

Farhan’s father works as a wood cutter who hardly earns PKR 20,000 per month. All of his monthly income goes into sustaining a family of 8 members including 5 school going kids. The initial cost of Farhan’s treatment was covered by all the relatives and neighbors around him. But for the surgery, Farhan’s loved ones are not in a position to support him anymore.

“The doctor told us that if my son doesn’t have a surgery as soon as possible he could lose his life. I don’t even have the heart to imagine that happening. I request everyone reading this right now to please help me save my beloved son. I cannot live without him.” -Farhan Iqbal’s mother

After the surgery, Farhan Iqbal will be able to participate in normal activities without any increased risk. As a last resort, Farhan Iqbal’s parents have registered his case with Transparent Hands. Your small donation might be a life changing present for Farhan Iqbal. We urge you to donate for his surgery! Donate for Farhan Iqbal’s open heart surgery to save his life.

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Farhan Iqbal's Story

Farhan Iqbal, aged 2.8 years, a resident of Lahore suffered from high fever and repeated vomiting. His parents took him to the hospital and after getting his Echo test results, the doctors diagnosed him with an atrial septal defect (ASD). ASD is a hole in the wall between two upper chambers of the heart. The cardiologist advised ASD closure by device occlusion. For this purpose, Farhan Iqbal was admitted to Ittefaq Hospital and his procedure was done by Dr. Masood Sadiq on 23.06.2021. Farhan Iqbal was discharged in a stable condition the same day.

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