Donate for Hasnain Ali’s Plastic Surgery

Donate for Hasnain Ali’s Plastic Surgery

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Hasnain Ali's Story

Hasnain Ali’s Plastic Surgery. Before you dwell on reading the story of Hasnain Ali, be sure of the fact that your help, no matter how little, will help him live a  normal life. Therefore, we urge you to please donate for Hasnain’s cause.

Twenty Five years old, Hasnain Ali a resident of Karachi, met with an accident 3 years ago. He fell off his motorbike and hit his head. Hasnain was rushed to the hospital where he was given first aid. Over time, that wound healed in an abnormal way and resulted in a lump formation. Hasnain didn’t pay much attention and left for work in Dubai. The swelling started causing Hasnain unbearable headaches and affected his work performance. Upon consultation and work up, he was diagnosed with Dermato Fibro Sarcoma and Hasnain was prescribed symptomatic treatment. But, unfortunately the medicines didn’t work and his health condition limited his ability to work. Due to continued severe headaches, Hasnain is  now unemployed and cannot work.

After consultation, he was advised to undergo an Excision and closure of the wound by Flap rotation.  Hasnain shared his distress with Transparent Hands in the following manner:

I never imagined that a small incident would turn my life upside down. I was the one raising my family and now I depend on them. I cannot do anything with this health condition. Please help.”

Hasnain depends on his father for his basic needs, who is a driver and doesn’t earn much to afford the cost of this surgery. A friend told Hasnain about Transparent Hands. Hasnain contacted us and we registered his case.

We are willing to help Hasnain as much as we can, but we need your support. Your contribution can help get Hasnain’s life back on track. Hence, we request you to please donate generously for Hasnain Ali’s plastic surgery. 

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Disclaimer: Transparent Hands makes sure that all the patients get surgery in time. If a patient requires urgent surgery and his/her condition is serious, Transparent Hands conducts the surgery immediately. In the meantime, his/her campaign stays active on the website until we raise the complete funding. The hospitals on our panel have complete trust in us and wait for the payments until the patient's funding is completed.

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