Donate for Ibad Khan’s Tonsil Removal Surgery

Donate for Ibad Khan’s Tonsil Removal Surgery

Ibad Khan
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Ibad Khan's Story

Four years old angel Ibad Khan has had the problem of recurrent sore throat for three years now. The doctor who examined him diagnosed his condition as chronic tonsillitis. It is an extremely painful inflammation of tonsils. Its symptoms include fever and enlargement of tonsils apart from major trouble in swallowing food. But it is not like the disease cannot be treated! Tonsillectomy is the recommended procedure for treating tonsillitis. It refers to a surgery in which the oval-shaped tonsils are removed from the backside of a patient’s throat. Apart from being the popular treatment choice for tonsillitis, tonsillectomy is the only effective treatment for such conditions.

While it is an effective surgical procedure, tonsillectomy is quite costly. For those who belong to the underprivileged section of society, affording it is quite a challenge. And that is exactly the thought that has been troubling Ibad’s family as well. The seven-membered family is managed and looked after by just one breadwinner i.e. Ibad’s father. But all that he earns after laboring an entire day is a mere 500 PKR. We are sure that you can understand why Ibad’s father sounds a little bitter about life.

“My boy has been suffering for the last three years or more now. And I cannot do ANYTHING about it. I come back home to find him crying in fever. And it breaks my heart, it just breaks my heart… I wish I could trade my joy for his pain, I wish someone could relate with my boy’s pain… I just wish”– Ibad’s father

We might not be able to relate to what Ibad is going through right now. But what we have promised his father is this: Transparent Hands will help Ibad Khan in having his tonsillectomy. But we are going to need your help in raising enough funds for the little boy. You know the patient, you know the story and you trust the organization. Little left for you to do except DONATE for Ibad NOW!

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Ibad Khan's Story

Ibad Khan, 4 years old, suffered from recurrent episodes of sore throat and fever for three years. When his father took him to the doctor, he diagnosed Ibad’s condition as chronic tonsillitis and recommended a surgical procedure called tonsillectomy. For this purpose, Ibad got admitted in Ahmed Medical Complex and the procedure was performed by Dr. Syed Mudasir Shah on 19.10.2020. Ibad’s enlarged tonsils were successfully removed and he was discharged in a stable condition after staying in the hospital for two days. His mother tells us that he had a miraculous recovery. “Ibad has regained his health. He has had a very sound sleep every night since the surgery. Before, he used to wake up in the middle of the night because he felt difficulty while breathing. We are so grateful for all your help.”- Ibad’s mother.  

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