Donate for Muhammad Akhtar’s Cystoscopy & TURP

Donate for Muhammad Akhtar’s Cystoscopy & TURP

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Muhammad Akhtar's Story

Muhammad Akhtar, aged 53, hails from the Chakwal district of the country and is in immediate need of treatment of his enlarged prostate. To treat Akhtar’s condition, doctors have advised him to undergo two procedures. These are cystoscopy and transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). The former is a procedure that will allow doctors to study Muhammad Akhtar’s condition in detail while the latter will be performed to remove some or all parts of Muhammad Akhtar’s prostate. Unfortunately, Muhammad Akhtar has not been able to afford either of the treatments for himself. 

You see, Muhammad Akhtar hails from a financially challenged family. The 53 years old man earns his crumbs by driving a rickshaw, all day long. In 300-400 rupees that Akhtar earns every day, he has to meet the needs and wants of his five-membered family living in a five-Marla house. Looking at his current financial status, expecting Muhammad Akhtar to come up with funds for his cystoscopy & TURP can only be termed as wishful thinking. Akhtar himself is not too sure about the prospects of his treatment:

“I wake up every day, only to fight with more pain than yesterday. But even as I clench my teeth & drive around the city, dropping passengers at their doorsteps, I am fully cognizant of the fact that there is no way out of this for me. With no rainy-day-funds or assets up my sleeve, living with the pain is the only option that I have got right now”

Reading Muhammad Akhtar’s story breaks one’s heart, things are tragically depressing at Akhtar’s home right now. But there is a way to help Muhammad Akhtar in this miserable time. And that is donating for Akhtar’s treatment. You are well aware of his tale of misery and you know what puts an end to his misery. We appeal to you on Muhammad Akhtar’s behalf, DONATE for his cystoscopy & TURP NOW!  

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Muhammad Akhtar's Story

Muhammad Akhtar, a resident of Talagang developed bladder outlet obstruction and was diagnosed with urethral stricture after his prostate surgery. He was evaluated and advised to undergo Cystoscopy Optical urethrotomy. For this purpose, he was admitted to Maryam Memorial Hospital, where the surgical procedure was performed by Dr. Ahmad Rehman on 20.02.2021. He was discharged from the hospital in a satisfactory condition after five days of stay. Muhammad Akhtar, is now hopeful of living a better life as he is gradually recovering from the surgery.

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