Donate for Samina Bibi’s Right Pyelolithotomy

Donate for Samina Bibi’s Right Pyelolithotomy

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Samina Bibi's Story

Samina Bibi, aged 43 years, a resident of Lahore had been suffering from pain in the right lumbar region for the past 6-7 years. Upon medical evaluation she was diagnosed with right pelvic ureteric junction (PUJ) stones. PUJ is the connection between the renal pelvis and the ureter that is the tube running from the kidney to the bladder. PUJ stones are the stones that travel from the kidney down to the said junction where they get lodged and block the urine flow, causing pain. As per the urologist’s advice, Samina bibi’s suffering can end by undergoing a surgical procedure termed Pyelolithotomy. 

“Once I used to be strong and healthy. I miss those days. Life has been cruel to me. For the past seven years I have been churning in pain. I have circled back and forth in numerous hospitals but all in vain. After my husband passed away, my in-laws severed all relations with me. Now I am working as a seamstress. In these circumstances my treatment is out of the question.”

Luckily, now that Samina Bibi has been connected with Transparent Hands, you can make this procedure possible. Generously, donate for Samina Bibi’s right Pyelolithotomy and enable her to lead a pain free life. 

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Samina Bibi's Story

Samina Bibi, aged 43 years, suffered from intense recurring pain in her lumber region on the right side. This continued for a span of six years. On medical consultation, she was diagnosed with pelvic ureteric junction (PUJ) stones in the right kidney. The urologist advised surgical intervention for her treatment. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she could not get an appointment in any local or private hospital. Then, after registration with our organization, she was admitted to Akram Medical Complex and her pyelolithotomy was performed by Dr. Shahjahan Khan on 15.06.2021. The stone was removed and a DJ stent was also placed in her kidney. She took four days to recover post-surgery and was discharged in a stable condition. Samina is over the moon since her suffering of six years has finally ended.

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