Donate for Samina Bibi’s VVF Repair

Donate for Samina Bibi’s VVF Repair

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Samina Bibi's Story

Samina Bibi, aged 23 years, a resident of Multan gave birth to a baby one year ago. Ever since then she experienced leaking urine, belly pain, and discomfort. Upon medical evaluation she was diagnosed with Vesicovaginal fistula or VVF that is defined as a hole that develops between the vagina and the bladder, resulting in uncontrollable leaking of urine through the vagina. The most common cause of vesico-vaginal fistula is obstructed labor as in Samina Bibi’s case. She has previously undergone VVF repair but unfortunately it provided her no relief. Now, since the discomfort has increased in intensity, she sought medical assistance once again. But due to limited financial resources, she is unable to afford a surgery. She narrates her ordeal in the following words:

“It has been quite a while now that I have been suffering with this ailment. I feel very sad at times due to the condition that I am suffering from. What makes me even sadder is that due to this condition I can not have fun with my two daughters as I am always ill, in pain or am feverish. The surgery is our only hope that can relieve me of this ailment. But unfortunately due to financial constraints we can not afford the surgery that has been advised to me. My husband is a labourer and he barely earns PKR 500-600 per  day. At times he even comes home empty handed. I am grateful to The Almighty that we have our own house, but I get saddened to see that due to my ailment I am failing to make this house a home for my girls.”

Luckily, now that Samina Bibi has been connected with Transparent Hands, you can make this procedure possible. Generously, donate for Samina Bibi’s VVF and enable her to lead a pain free life. 

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Samina Bibi's Story

Samina Bibi, aged 23 years, a resident of Multan gave birth to a baby one year ago. She was suffering from continuous uncontrolled leakage of urine into the vagina since then. She was diagnosed with Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF) and her surgery was done but she continued facing the same problem. The doctor advised her for VVF repair again. For this purpose, she was admitted to Bakhtawar Amin Memorial Trust Hospital where her surgery was performed by Dr. Adnan Chaudhry on 28-06-21. Her fistula was repaired and she had good postoperative recovery. She was discharged in a satisfactory condition after 4 days of hospital stay.

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