Donate Muhammad Nawaz for his Thyroidectomy

Donate Muhammad Nawaz for his Thyroidectomy

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Muhammad Nawaz's Story

“Nawaz needs to stand strong not only for himself but also for his family. Your financial aid for his surgery can save him from falling down.”

Muhammad Nawaz is a 44 years old family man suffering from Goiter for the last 16 years. However, his health condition began to deteriorate as the nodules grew bigger while pressing against the windpipe for last 4 years. He is experiencing pain at the base of his neck and has a hoarse voice. He also experiences severe headache, weakness, shortness of breath and swallowing difficulties.

He visited many hospitals for a cure but didn’t get any relief from medication. Finally, doctor diagnosed him with Multinodular Goiter and advised him to undergo Subtotal Thyroidectomy Surgery for permanent relief.

Nawaz has always been a strong man fulfilling all the responsibilities towards his family but now he is struggling to pay for his household and medical expenses at the same time.

He is a daily wage laborer and hardly earns 15,000/- per month. He has 3 sons and one daughter. All the children are going to school except his 6 years old son who was born mentally retarded. The whole family is living in their own little house in a village.

Nawaz is now scheduled for his Thyroidectomy in a few days at Akram Medical Complex. He needs our help to recover from his illness permanently.

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Muhammad Nawaz's Story

Muhammad Nawaz 44 years old man had long standing neck swelling. He was diagnosed with simple multinodular goiter and was advised surgery for his condition. His subtotal thyroidectomy was done on 25-02-19 at Akram Medical Complex by Dr Ahmed Fawad. He remained alright during his post-operative period and was discharged symptom free after 3 days of hospital stay.

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