Donate Saba Imran for his Laparotomy

Donate Saba Imran for his Laparotomy

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Saba Imran's Story

“She used to brighten our life with her beautiful smile. Now she is suffering from a risky disease which is taking its toll on her body making it weak and vulnerable each day. It is so unfortunate that I cannot do anything to heal her or give her relief from this painful condition.”- Saba’s husband.

Saba is suffering from Rt. Ovarian Cyst from the last 6 months. Due to this disease, she experiences terrible pain in her lower abdomen which increases further during her menstrual cycle. She also feels pain during bowel movement and urination and her condition has deteriorated in past one week.

She started her treatment from a local hospital but they did not bother to take proper care of her. Doctors advised her to undergo an urgent surgery because the cyst can be ruptured any time causing severe pain, nausea and vomiting.

Saba’s husband is a daily wage laborer, earning just 15,000 rupees per month. She has a daughter aged 5 years old who is a student of playgroup. They are living in a one bedroom rented house. Their financial condition has worsened further because her husband is jobless right now. It has become difficult for them to maintain the living cost of their family in this condition. Paying for hospital bills, expensive medicines or a costly surgery is impossible for them.

Our donation can help Saba to get back on her feet once again. Saving this woman means gifting a new life to not only her but also her family.

She is scheduled for her laparotomy in a few days at Akram Medical Complex. Your generous donation for her surgery can give her access to good health and bless her little family.

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Saba Imran's Story

37 years old Saba was diagnosed with complex Rt. Ovarian Cyst. She was advised laparotomy and removal of her ovarian cyst. Her surgery was done in Akram Medical Complex by Dr. Asia Nasir on 17-12-18 and multiloculated cyst was removed. She recovered well post operatively in two days of hospital stay and was discharged in good health.

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