Donate Shahnaz Bibi for her Lobectomy Surgery

Donate Shahnaz Bibi for her Lobectomy Surgery

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Shahnaz Bibi's Story

Give your zakat for the surgery of this deserving lady so that she can get relief and start living a normal life.

Shahnaz Bibi is a 39-year-old woman living in Kasur with her four sons and two daughters. She is a mother of 4 sons and two daughter all are school going; they have their own 2 marla (544 sq.ft.) house in kasur. The eldest is a daughter who is 14 years old, and younger son is 4 year old and all other kids are between 14 and 4. Her husband was a laborer who died two years ago from cancer, meaning that she is the only person in her family to provide for the children. 

They are deprived of from basic necessities of life, such as water and gas. They do not have any authentic source of income. She manages her household expenses through the support of neighbors and relatives.

She suffering with a cold nodule thyroid for the last five years. Shahnaz Bibi was taking treatment from local doctor in Kasur, but after many visits to government hospitals in Lahore, they did not give her any attention. Luckily, she found out about the medical camp hosted by Transparent Hands and was able to consult with our doctors about her condition.

She feels pain and difficulty in breathing and uneasiness due to this cold nodule thyroid. With this condition, Shahnaz Bibi must undergo a surgery, known as a lobectomy, to rid her of this painful sickness; However, Shahnaz Bibi cannot pay for it due to her financial issues, and so she needs your help in order to live a happier and healthier life. 

You can send your donations online to Transparent Hands of any amount to help fund Shahnaz Bibi’s surgery. Making donations online for this cause is safe and you can visibly see where your donations are going towards.  Please donate now in order to help this poor woman care for her children.

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