Donate to Alisha Imran for Her Pyeloplasty

Donate to Alisha Imran for Her Pyeloplasty

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Alisha Imran's Story

Alisha Imran, 6 years old, is suffering from a left pelvic ureteric junction obstruction (PUJ obstruction). In this condition, the urine is not able to easily flow into the bladder because of a narrowing of the junction leading to the bladder. The symptoms include flank and back pain, vomiting and frequent urinary tract infections. To find relief, Alisha requires a left pyeloplasty- a corrective surgery to relieve the obstruction and decompress the kidney.

“My daughter has been through so much ever since she was born. A surgery was conducted on her the very day she was born. In the following years, she had to be hospitalized many times. She is not even 6 and now she is facing kidney problems. I am so worried about her future. Every mother envisions a safe healthy life for her children. I want the same for Alisha. I just hope that this is the last health issue she ever faces.” – Alisha’s mother.

In the past few years, Alisha has faced several health issues like anorectal malformation and a non-functional right kidney. Her ASARP surgery and colostomy closure were very recently carried out through the support of donors at Transparent Hands. Now once again, Alisha requires your urgent help. Her father, a daily wager, has 6 family members to support on an income of 12,000 PKR and cannot afford the expenses of her surgery.

Alisha’s pyeloplasty needs to be carried out at the earliest because her right kidney is already non-functional and her left kidney is under a lot of stress because of the obstruction.

You have come to Alisha’s aid several times before. Please help her once again so she can be healthy and out of danger.

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Alisha Imran's Story

Alisha Imran, 6 years old, had a VUJ obstruction in her left kidney for last year. She was advised a left cyst ureteric reconstruction. Her surgery was done at Akram Medical Complex on 21-08-20 by Dr Faisal Zaeem. Her VUJ was refashioned and obstruction was relieved. She remained admitted in hospital for five days and had a good post-operative recovery. She was discharged in perfect health. Alisha is slowly starting to resume a normal life, just like other kids her age.

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