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Donate to Allah Wasaia for his Laminectomy

Donate to Allah Wasaia for his Laminectomy

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Allah Wasaia's Story

“I wish I was skilled enough to work and earn for my husband’s treatment. But I cannot do anything. Watching him suffering in pain is killing me. He has always been my moral support and now when he needs me the most, I’m unable to help him. He always smiles in front of me and children but I know that he’s dying from inside as he has become bedridden and unable to provide for us.” – Allah Wasaia’s wife

Allah Wasaia is a 34 years old family-oriented man who is suffering from Disc Compression at L4-5, L5-S1 level.

He was diagnosed with this disease after he met with a road accident 3 months ago. In the last three months, his condition has worsened so much that there is a decline in his backbone movement which has made him bedridden. Doctors have advised him an immediate surgery but he does not have money to pay for his expensive treatment. If he is not treated on time, there are risks that he may get paralyzed for life.

Allah Wasaia has always served his family and took good care of them within his meager income but now, he needs our support to stand on his feet again.

“We can’t leave this man alone to suffer in his darkest time of life. Our financial support for his surgery can make his life much easier.”

Allah Wasaia is scheduled for his surgery; Laminectomy in a few days. Your generous support can help Allah Wasaia get permanent relief from his backache.

Your donation will let this man live his life with ease and comfort. Donate Now!

 Zaineb Raja

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