Donate to Anam Bibi for her Vein Stripping

Donate to Anam Bibi for her Vein Stripping

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Anam Bibi's Story

“My daughter cannot speak or hear since birth. When she was born, I vowed to do everything in my power to give her a normal life, so she doesn’t feel like she is missing something. It is my duty to make sure she is as healthy as can be and it hurts every time I fall short of fulfilling that duty due to financial constraints.”- Anam’s Father, Muhammad Aslam

Anam Bibi, 23 years old, is the only daughter of her parents. Congenitally deaf and mute, she was otherwise healthy up until a few years ago. For the past five years, Anam has been suffering from bilateral varicose veins. She experiences uncomfortable symptoms like heaviness and pain in legs, and muscle cramping. These symptoms also interfere with her mobility. To relieve her from this discomfort, she requires two surgeries one after the other, which involve the removal of these veins. Her right side will be operated on first, followed by the left side.

Anam lives with her parents and younger brother in Sialkot. Her father, Muhammad Aslam, took her to a few local hospitals there but despite regular check-ups, her condition persisted. One of the doctors Anam visited recommended a specialist general surgeon in Lahore. When the family consulted him, he informed them that Anam cannot be relieved of her symptoms without surgical intervention.

Muhammad Aslam earns the monthly salary of a laborer. With only 15,000/- PKR a month, he supports two children and his wife and rents a house. On top of all that, medical expenses are very difficult for him to accommodate.

Upon coming to Lahore, Anam’s family learned about Transparent Hands and decided to approach for help.

With your generous contributions, Anam can be free from her uncomfortable condition and walk freely again.

Please donate now!

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Anam Bibi's Story

Anam Bibi, 23 years old, was suffering from bilateral varicose veins causing her discomfort on walking or prolonged standing. Her right sided veins were more symptomatic and she was advised surgery for these. Her operation was done on 28-01-20, by Dr Ahmed Fawad, at Akram Medical Complex. She stayed for two days in the hospital and was discharged in good health.


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