Donate to Ayan Zaib for His Cochlear Implant

Donate to Ayan Zaib for His Cochlear Implant

Muhammad Ayaz Zaib
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Muhammad Ayan Zaib's Story

Muhammad Ayan Zaib, aged 5 years, was born with congenital deafness and for that reason, he is mute too. His condition was discovered at the age of 2 years when his parents consulted the doctors due to his unresponsiveness to sounds and absent speech. The doctor informed his parents that Ayan will only be able to speak after his hearing ability is restored.

At first, the ENT specialist recommended a hearing aid, which Ayan used for six months. His hearing showed promising signs of improvement and he even picked up some basic words to speak. However, sometime after use, his responses started declining again. When the hearing aid failed to help him any longer, Ayan’s doctor prescribed a cochlear implant as the best course of action.

Ayan’s parents have since been turned away from many hospitals that have refused to operate on their son for free. His father cannot afford the cost of the implant surgery himself because he has 3 children to support with just a small carpenter’s salary of 15,000 PKR/month. He hopes that through Transparent Hands, Ayan’s operation can be carried out and he can finally have his hearing back.

“We were so overjoyed during the time that he could hear a little. He even started saying small words like “mama” and “baba”. We were so so happy but it didn’t last. His condition progressed and the hearing aid wasn’t sufficient to help. My son’s whole future rests on this operation now. Please help him.” – Ayan’s father

To help 5-year-old Ayan improve his hearing and speaking ability, please contribute to his cochlear implant today.

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Updates & Timeline

  • Update on Ayan Zaid's Surgery

    08 Oct 2020


    Ayan, 5 years old, had sensorineural hearing loss since birth. In order to develop his hearing, he was advised to get a cochlear implant surgery in which a small electronic device is attached to the ear which electrically stimulates the nerve for hearing. His operation was done by Dr Naveed Aslam on 30-09-20 at National Defence Hospital, Lahore. The internal component of the implant was fixed behind the ear. After the procedure, he recovered well and was discharged after a day of being admitted in the hospital and was asked to come for a follow-up visit after 6 weeks for the fixation of an external component of the device.

Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.


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Muhammad Ayan Zaib's Story

Muhammad Ayan Zaib, 5 years old, had sensorineural hearing loss since birth. In order to develop his sense of hearing, he was advised to have a cochlear implant surgery. His operation was performed by Dr. Naveed Aslam on 30-09-2020 in National Hospital & Medical Center, Lahore. The internal component of the implant was fixed in this surgery behind Ayan’s ear. He recovered well from the procedure and was discharged after one day of hospital stay. He was given follow up advice to come back after 6 weeks for fixation of the external component of this device. The external component has also been installed now by Dr. Atif Ikram on 22-11-2020. Ayan has started hearing and responding to sounds. He is getting trained by a speech therapist.

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