Donate to Fazal Ahmad for His Hernioplasty

Donate to Fazal Ahmad for His Hernioplasty

Donate to Fazal Ahmad for His Hernioplasty
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Fazal Ahmad's Story

Fazal Ahmad, 54 years old, has been experiencing pain and discomfort in the groin region for the past three years. Upon consultation with a doctor, he was diagnosed with a right inguinal hernia. His doctor prescribed him pain medication and advised hernia repair surgery- a right hernioplasty- in order to be completely free of his condition.

“The pain and discomfort started almost three years ago. I didn’t pay much attention at first but then the symptoms became worse and the doctors told me they won’t go away without surgery. But how could I have surgery without any resources to pay for it? I bore the pain for several years. Now, it is unbearable and I must have the surgery. I am in desperate need of help.”Fazal Ahmad

Fazal cannot afford his surgery expenses privately and has not been able to secure an appointment at a local hospital even after trying for over 2 years. He is a private security guard who is paid just 10,000 PKR a month. His elder son works as a laborer and earns 15,000 PKR/month. Their total income supports Fazal, his wife, and their five children. Often, it is difficult for the family to get through the month without borrowing money from relatives. Fazal’s financial situation cannot accommodate his surgical expenses, which is why he has sought help from Transparent Hands.

Fazal’s surgery can be conducted at the earliest with enough contributions from you.

Please consider donating to him.

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Fazal Ahmad's Story

Fazal Ahmad, 55 years old, had a long standing lump in his right groin. He was diagnosed as a case of right inguinal hernia. It had gradually increased in size and started causing pain. He was advised surgery to fix it. His operation was done on 23-04-20, in Lahore Care Hospital, by Dr Ahmed Fawad. His mesh hernioplasty was done. He was discharged after two days of hospital stay.


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