Donate to Ghulam Hussain for His Open-Heart Surgery

Donate to Ghulam Hussain for His Open-Heart Surgery

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Ghulam Hussain's Story

“He is just 1.2 months old and has already been through so much pain. He cannot even express his pain and agony that he is experiencing every second. Doctors gave him many medicines, but nothing would comfort him. I’m longing to see him smile and live without any pain. Please help us” –Ghulam’s mother

Ghulam Hussain, 1.2-month-old baby was born with a ventricular septal defect – an abnormal opening (hole) in the heartthat forms between the heart’s lower pumping chambers (ventricles).

The doctors had diagnosed his disease only after a day he was born. This little soul has been suffering from severe symptoms such as high fever since he was born. Worried, his parents took him to the hospital where an ECHO was conducted, and he was diagnosed with the following disease. Since then he experiences difficulty in breathing due to his chest blockage and his body often turns abnormally blue. He also gets irritable while feeding.

Doctors have advised him to get a VSD closure (open heart surgery) immediately. If ventricular septal defect is not repaired, his heart may fail and can also affect his lungs while deteriorating his health conditions further. In desperate need of help, his father took Ghulam to Children’s Hospital, but the doctors have kept rescheduling the surgery date since then.

Ghulam needs surgery as soon as possible. With his heart condition, his parents can’t afford to wait for the surgery any longer. God doesn’t let any prayer go unanswered and the baby’s parents found out about Transparent Hands.

Ghulam’s mother held him in her arms with tears in her eyes as she pleaded Transparent Hands for his surgery. Ghulam is now scheduled for his open-heart surgery, but it will be possible if you come forward and help this poor family. His father has a flour grinder earns only 15,000 PKR a month. They are a family of 3 people living in a house that was given to them by his parents.

Ghulam’s weak heart needs our help to keep it beating every second. Your donation for Ghulam ’s surgery can give him a gift of new life. Without surgery, every second will bring him one step closer to death.

Donate for his surgery now!

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Ghulam Hussain's Story

Ghulam Hussan, 1.2 months old, suffered from breathlessness on mild exertion. On thorough medical check-up, he was diagnosed with doubly committed subarterial ventricular septal defect (DCSA VSD). The doctors advised surgical intervention for the closure of this cardiac defect. For this reason, Ghulam was admitted in University of Lahore Teaching Hospital and his open heart surgery was performed by Dr. Salman A. Shah on 23.01.2021. His VSD was closed. He stayed in the hospital for ten days and was discharged in a satisfactory condition. Ghulam is on his way to a complete recovery. The surgery was conducted with the support of Pakistan Children Heart foundation and other donors. 

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