Donate to M. Furqan Ahmed for His TIP Repair Surgery

Donate to M. Furqan Ahmed for His TIP Repair Surgery

Muhammad Furqan Ahmed
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Muhammad Furqan Ahmed's Story

“Let us not abandon a child and leave him to suffer from his misfortune just because he was born to a poor father who cannot pay for his surgery. His birth in a poor family shouldn’t be a reason for his prolonged pain and suffering.”

Furqan Ahmed, 2-years-of-age, was born with a defect called distal penile hypospadias, a condition where the opening isn’t at the tip of the male genitals. It is a birth defect (congenital condition) in which the meatus of the urethra is on the underside of the penis instead of at the tip. Due to this condition, he experiences an abnormal stream of urine.

Doctor has advised him to undergo a TIP repair for his hypospadias to reconstruct his urethral tube so that he can urinate normally and have no difficulty in learning to use the toilet in the future. If this disease isn’t treated now, it can lead to serious complications in adulthood including abnormal curvature of the male reproductive organ.

After his birth, he was diagnosed with the disease and the doctors suggested to wait for two years and then get the surgery done. Now, Furqan is two years old and requires the surgery.

His father is a clerk at the Pakistan Air Force and earns PKR 28,500 every month and is the only earning member of the family. Apart from his own family, he also financially supports his mother and other relatives as well.

Furqan is scheduled for his TIP repair surgery in a few days and he needs your generous support. Our compassionate donations can give him the innocent boy permanent relief. A small donation from your part can help him to lead a normal and joyous life.

Make a donation today to help heal an innocent life. Donate Now!

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Muhammad Furqan Ahmed's Story

Muhammad Furqan Ahmed, 2 years old, was diagnosed with distal penile hypospadias at the time of his birth. The doctors recommended a corrective surgical procedure called tubularized incised plate (TIP) urethroplasty for him. For this purpose, Furqan was admitted in Maryam Memorial Hospital and his surgery was performed by Dr. Omer Fraz on 12.01.2021. He stayed in the hospital for four days and was discharged in a satisfactory condition. Furqan has recovered well from his surgery.

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