Donate to Muhammad Saqib for His Urethroplasty

Donate to Muhammad Saqib for His Urethroplasty

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Muhammad Saqib's Story

Muhammad Saqib, age 3 years, was born with a congenital condition known as penoscrotal hypospadias – the opening of his urethra is not at its normal site, resulting in difficult urination. His condition is severe in nature and in order to correct it, three consecutive surgical procedures are required. Saqib is currently at stage 1 of repair and needs to undergo a urethroplasty.

Saqib’s father, Hamid Gul, teaches at a mosque, earning around 5000 PKR a month. Since he has a large family to support, his expenditures far outweigh his salary. He tried to get his son treated for free at local hospitals but the waiting time was too long so he has finally approached Transparent Hands to ask for help.

“We have tried everywhere. The hospital here gave us an appointment a year away and there is no guarantee they won’t postpone it. Meanwhile, my son is in so much discomfort and as he grows up, it will only get harder for him to deal with this. This is why we are requesting people to help him as soon as possible.” – Hamid Gul

Saqib’s surgery should be conducted as early as possible as his condition could cause more serious complications later.

Please donate to him.

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Muhammad Saqib's Story

Muhammad Saqib, 4 years old, was suffering from penoscrotal hypospadiasis and was advised surgery for this. He was admitted by Transparent Hands in Medicare Hospital, Rawalpindi for 1 day and the procedure was performed by Dr. Naeem Liaqat on 15-06-20. The patient was discharged in a stable condition.


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