Donate to Naseem Begum for Her Hysterectomy

Donate to Naseem Begum for Her Hysterectomy

Naseem Begum
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Naseem Begum's Story

A resident of house number 35, Shago korona, Faisal Rehman Paar Hoti, Naseem Begum is a 67 years old woman, who suffers from a medical condition called uterine prolapse. We will talk about this condition in a while, but for now, we want you to have a look at the background of Naseem Begum’s family. Naseem’s husband died in the year 2008, and now, she is living her life with her youngest son. Her son has two children and is a daily wage mason by profession. All that he earns is well below the 10,000 PKR threshold. The point behind telling you all of this is that Naseem Begum cannot afford the vaginal hysterectomy surgery that she has been recommended by her doctors.

What happens in uterine prolapse? Well, the condition occurs when the ligaments and muscles holding the frame of the pelvic floor are maxed out i.e. stretched to their fullest. This means the support for the uterus that stems from the pelvic floor is no longer there. This leads to a condition where the uterus can slip down and protrude out of the vagina, hence the condition is called uterine prolapse. For treating uterine prolapse, a vaginal hysterectomy might be advised to the patient, as in the case of Naseem Begum.

But you know where things stand right now, right? Or perhaps, this statement of Naseem will clarify matters further.

“My sons are my strength, and when I see them worried because of me, it breaks my heart. I don’t want to burden their lives with my problems, problems that are well out their reach, especially. This is why I am putting my faith in Transparent Hands. I want to see if there is a miracle in waiting for me at the NGO”

It is all a matter of faith. Naseem begum has put hers in us, and we are putting ours in you. With YOUR help, Naseem Begum can have her surgical treatment that gets rid of pain in her life. The best thing to do. DONATE NOW!

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Please Note: In certain situations, we proceed with the patient's surgery/medical procedure despite incomplete funding displayed on the website. Following the surgery/medical procedure, we persist in collecting funds and maintain the campaign on the website until funding is secured in full. Hospitals have granted us a grace period for bill payment.

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Naseem Begum's Story

Naseem Begum, 67 years old, was diagnosed with third degree vaginal prolapse (procidentia) and was recommended a vaginal hysterectomy by her gynaecologist. For this purpose, she was admitted in Ahmed Medical Complex and the procedure was performed by Dr. Nuzhat Jehangir on 19.10.2020. Her displaced uterus was successfully removed. Naseem stayed in the hospital for three days and was discharged in a stable condition. She has had a satisfactory post-operative recovery and is taking bed rest as prescribed by her doctor.

“Since the surgery, I have not felt the backache that I usually felt. The doctor says that she has successfully removed my displaced uterus. I want to thank your entire team and all the donors for their support.”-Naseem Begum

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