Donate to Naseer Munir for His JJ Stent Replacement

Donate to Naseer Munir for His JJ Stent Replacement

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Naseer Munir's Story

22-year-old Naseer has been diagnosed with multiple bilateral renal calculi – stones formed in the urine collecting area of the kidney. He has been struggling with this disease for over two years now. Naseer underwent his first surgery, right pyelolithotomy, in July last year to remove the painful stones. He found relief for a few weeks but unfortunately, his problem resurfaced. He again experienced severe pain in both kidneys, frequent vomiting, infection, and fever, and relied on painkillers before getting checked up again. Subsequently, his ureteroscopy was performed and a bilateral JJ stent was placed to alleviate the symptoms.

Now, once again, Naseer is facing severe kidney pain, and pain during urination. This time, he needs removal for the right and replacement for the left JJ stent.

Naseer lives in the small town of Pakpattan with his parents and 6 siblings, all younger than him. Naseer is working as a laborer in a factory earning only 15,000 PKR a month. His father also supports the family by selling fruits from door to door. Even their collective income is not enough for this family to have a comfortable lifestyle. Unable to afford his medical expenses, he underwent his previous procedures through Transparent Hands and now he needs your support for the third time.

“I am honestly tired. I don’t like to admit it to myself or to my poor parents, but I am tired of being sick all the time. I am tired of having to work all day in this constant pain. I want to be free from this disease but it keeps rearing its ugly head every few months. I hope this time will be the last.” – Naseer

Naseer’s recurring condition has left him weak and dejected but your support has always been his ray of hope. Please facilitate him so he can get better.

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Naseer Munir's Story

Naseer Munir, 24 years old, was suffering from bilateral renal and ureteric stones. His previous surgeries were done through Transparent Hands. Now, he came for the removal and replacement of his stents. His procedure was done in Akram Medical Complex, by Dr. Faisal Zaeem, on 04-05-20. His right DJ stent was removed and the left DJ stent was replaced. He was discharged in a satisfactory condition after 1 day of hospital stay.


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